Farmer Protest News / Farmers furious in preparation to surround Delhi, JCB called to break barricade

Zoom News : Feb 20, 2024, 10:00 PM
Farmer Protest News: Farmers who are agitating for more than a dozen demands including Minimum Support Price (MSP) have started preparations for the Delhi march. On Sunday, the fourth round of meeting was held between farmers and governments, in which the government presented a proposal to the farmers for five years, but the matter could not be reached. After which the farmers have now started preparing for the Delhi march. Along with JCB machines, big Poklane machines have also reached the Shambhu border to break the police barricades. These machines have also been modified to protect the operators from police tear gas shells and rubber bullets. The entire cabin has been foolproofed with thick sheets of iron.

If the Haryana Police tries to stop the farmers, uses tear gas shells or force, then the farmers have armored the driver of the machine by covering the driver's cabinet with a thick iron sheet to protect himself from it. Farmers claim that this cabin is bullet proof. Now they have come with the thinking of do or die.

7-8 Machines Reached Shambhu Border

According to the information, farmers have prepared about 7 to 8 such machines, which are being deployed at different borders of Punjab and Haryana, Shambhu, Khannauri and Dabwali border. Will try to break the barricades and make way for the trolleys.

No solution was found even after the fourth meeting

In fact, in the fourth meeting held on Sunday, the government had proposed to the farmers the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for the purchase of pulses, maize and cotton for five years. Farmers on Monday rejected the government's proposal saying that it is not in the interest of the farmers. After this the farmers announced to march to Delhi on Wednesday.

Kisan Mazdoor Morcha leader Sarwan Singh Pandher said that we appeal to the government to either resolve our issues or remove the barricades and allow us to go to Delhi for peaceful protest.

Cleanliness campaign launched before march to Delhi

Farmers preparing for Delhi march also launched Shambhu border cleaning campaign. The farmers said that tomorrow they will travel to Delhi, hence they are doing the cleaning from now on so that no one behind says that the farmers were sitting here and left after making the highway dirty. However, we clean wherever we sit in front.