Farmer Protest / Huge uproar by farmers at Shambhu border, tear gas shells being fired from drones

Zoom News : Feb 21, 2024, 12:37 PM
Farmer Protest: Farmers' organizations are going to march to Delhi from Shambhu Border and Khanauli Border today. Farmers' movement can start at any time. Farmers have come fully prepared this time and they not only have heavy machines but have also brought gas masks, shields and kites to drop drones. Looking at the preparations of the farmers, it seems that this planning has been done for a long time. Haryana Police has made concrete arrangements to stop the farmers. Along with the police, para military personnel have also been deployed on the border. Several layers of barricading has been done on the border.

The government once again invited the farmers for talks

The farmers, who were dispersed by police tear gas a little while ago, have once again started gathering at the Shambhu border. Farmers are trying to enter Haryana by breaking the barricade built on the Shambhu border. To disperse them, tear gas shells are being continuously fired by Haryana Police. At present, there is an atmosphere of chaos on the Shambhu border. The Haryana Police has not yet allowed the farmers to move forward. The farmers are ready at the Shambhu border with heavy machinery and the police are also ready in large numbers. Amidst the uproar, the government has once again invited the farmers for talks. The government has asked farmers to come forward for the fifth round of talks.

Huge jam on Delhi Meerut Expressway

Huge jam on Delhi Meerut Expressway. There is a huge jam on all the lanes going towards Delhi on the Delhi-Ghazipur border. Vehicles moving slowly. Due to the possibility of farmers reaching Delhi, Delhi Police has installed barricades on each lane on the Ghazipur border, due to which there is traffic jam due to the narrowness of the road.

Ruckus started at Shambhu border

Ruckus has started at Shambhu border. The police have just released tear gas shells before the farmers march to Delhi. Haryana Police does not want to allow the farmers to move forward at any cost, while the farmers are also fully prepared to march to Delhi with machines.

Farmers should maintain peace – Arjun Munda

Union Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda said that in the 5th round of meeting, we are ready to talk to the farmers and discuss issues like MSP, stubble. I appeal to them to maintain peace and we should find a solution to this. A solution should emerge through dialogue.

Haryana government reached High Court regarding farmers movement

Haryana government has reached the High Court regarding the farmers' movement. A request was made not to assemble a large number of modified tractors and trolleys at Shambhu and Khanauri border. It was said that this poses a big threat to law and order. However, the High Court refused to hear immediately.

Tension increased on Shambhu border of Punjab-Haryana

Tension is continuously increasing on the Shambhu border of Punjab-Haryana. A large number of agitating farmers have reached the border and want to travel to Delhi after some time, but Haryana Police has also made major preparations to stop them. A large number of police forces have been deployed on the border and cement barricades and barbed wire have been installed to stop the farmers there. Monitoring is also being done through drones. On the other hand, farmer leaders say that they want to go to Delhi and demonstrate in a peaceful manner.

13 layer security at Tikri border

According to sources - Delhi Police has taken stock of the security arrangements at Shambhu Border border in Haryana. On the same lines, Delhi's security will be increased. 13 layer security has been installed at Tikri border. Preparations are also being made regarding the hydraulic and poklane machines of the farmers.

Alert in Delhi regarding farmers movement

An alert has been issued in Delhi regarding the farmers' movement. Delhi's border was sealed, several layers of barricading was done on the border. Para military personnel deployed along with the police. Section 144 is in force in Delhi till March 12.

Haryana Police's tweet regarding farmers' movement

Haryana Police has tweeted regarding the farmers' movement. Police has appealed to remove JCB and Poklane machines from Shambhu border. Police have said that these machines can cause harm to the security forces and if the machines are not removed then the police will take action.