Farmer Protest / Two groups clashed at Shambhu border, farmer leader Pandher was brought down from the stage

Zoom News : Feb 21, 2024, 08:00 PM
Farmer Protest: Two groups of farmer leaders protesting at the Shambhu border clashed with each other regarding various demands including Minimum Support Price (MSP). Within no time, the situation became so serious that farmer leaders from other groups also took over the stage and pulled other leaders down from the stage. Seeing the differences between the two groups of farmer leaders, the farmers sitting under the stage also started raising slogans.

Actually, when farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher climbed the stage and announced to stop today's movement and march to Delhi tomorrow, people associated with Deep Sidhu's organization started abusing him. The dispute between the leaders did not stop there, some people associated with Deep Sidhu's organization pulled Pandher down from the stage and took over the stage.

Farmer leaders from different unions are gathered at Shambhu Border. A platform has been created from where farmer leaders tell people about the outline of the movement and the talks with the government. In the evening, Pandher also climbed on the same stage and was giving information to the farmers about the movement, then the farmer leaders of the other group climbed on the stage and started arguing.

Deep Sidhu group leaders captured the stage

Within no time the situation escalated to such an extent that the leaders of Deep Sidhu group pulled Pandher down from the stage and captured the stage. Many leaders were also seen intervening. However, the information regarding what caused this difference of opinion between the two groups has not been revealed yet. According to sources, Deep Sidhu organization does not agree with many things of Pandher.

Ceasefire announced for two days

According to the latest information, farmer leaders have announced ceasefire for two days in a press conference. This means that farmers will not protest for two days now. Pandher said that there will be peace tomorrow and the day after. We will make a policy, the strategy of both the forums will be presented to the people the day after tomorrow, after which further planning will be made. After this announcement, the farmers protesting at Shambhu and Khanauri border will remain sitting there as before.

Police stopped some trolleys of our langar: Pandher

Pandher said that in view of the current situation it is not right to continue talks with the government. Therefore, it has been decided to take a rest of two days. He said that some of our langar trolleys have been stopped at Khanauri border. The government's intentions are foremost. Ours was a peaceful demonstration. If the Punjab government stops us, we will respond to it also. Till now no letter has come from the government for the fifth round of talks. If a meeting is called, it will be considered.

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) national spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said on Wednesday about farmers going to Delhi being stopped for their various demands, that if they (government) are not allowing the farmers to come to Delhi, then in the elections the farmers will also vote against them in the village. Will not let him come. BKU demonstrated at the district headquarters in Meerut on various demands including legal guarantee of Minimum Support Price (MSP), payment of outstanding sugarcane price, withdrawal of cases registered against farmers. Tikait himself reached the court with the farmers driving a tractor. During this time, the police had also set up barricades at many places to stop the farmers, but the farmers forcibly moved them out of the way and moved ahead.

'If they put nails for us, we will also put nails in the village'

In response to a question regarding the government laying nails on the way to stop farmers going to Delhi, Tikait said, “Laying nails on the way is not appropriate under any circumstances. If they put nails for us, we will also put nails in our village. We will also have to barricade our village.'' Tikait also said, ''If they are not allowing us to come to Delhi, then we will also not allow them to come to our village during the elections. If they work to crush the movement then who will allow them to come to the village? There is a nail in the village also.”

Why did Tikait not join the farmers' movement going to Delhi?

Describing the BJP government as a government of industrialists, the BKU spokesperson said that if it was a government of farmers, a law to guarantee MSP would have been made long ago. When he was asked why he did not join the farmers' movement going to Delhi, he said, "For us this is Delhi. Farmers of the entire country are united in support of the farmer movement. We are ready to go anywhere, let alone Delhi, for the farmers.

'If farmers' demands are not met, there will be agitation across the country'

Tikait said that today memorandums from across the country including Meerut will be sent to the President on behalf of BKU demanding increase in sugarcane price along with MSP and implementation of Swaminathan report. He said that if the government does not accept the demands of the farmers, there will be agitation across the country. Farmers remained united and ready for agitation. The BKU leader said that there will be a meeting of the United Kisan Morcha on Thursday in which the future strategy will be decided. BKU District President Anurag Choudhary said that today the police and administration had put up barricades at three places to stop the farmers from reaching the district headquarters, but they could not stop the farmers from reaching the District Magistrate's office. (Language)