Technical / Fitbit Inspire HR review: Complete fitness package on a budget

The Indian Express : May 21, 2019, 12:26 PM
Fitbit is a brand that instantly pops-up in your head when thinking of fitness trackers. That’s because Fitbit has created a niche for its products and is among the leading smart band companies in the world. Fitbit smart bands start at a price of Rs 6,999 for its new Inspire.

For those who want heart rate tracking as well, there is Inspire HR, which is priced at Rs 8,999. The Inspire HR from the company’s 2019 line-up of devices, has a swim-proof design, comes with a plastic band, and offers up to five days of battery life. We spent a few weeks with the device and here is our full review.

Fitbit Inspire HR price in India: Rs 8,999

Fitbit Inspire HR review

I will start with what I liked the most about this device – the Inspire HR is so lightweight that you will barely notice it on your wrist. The review unit that we got had a black plastic band and a black OLED display. The band is interchangeable, so you can customise your look.

The OLED display itself is quite small and thin and the plastic band feels quite light. This is the idea device for those who are upgrading from a simple band with no display and this is where the screen will come in handy.