Love Jihad / Girl trapped in Premjal by applying kalava and tilak on hand, forcibly converted and raped

Zoom News : Jun 04, 2023, 08:38 AM
Love Jihad: A big case of Love Jihad has come to light in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. Abid impersonated as Ankit and trapped her in Premjal with a beautician of the city. He was forcibly converted and married as well. Abid got his father to halala the beautician. The beautician was forcefully fed beef. On the complaint of the victim, a case has been registered in Subhash Nagar police station.

Even after the law of Love Jihad has been made in UP, the cases are not taking the name of decreasing. A similar case has come to the fore from Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. A Muslim youth trapped in love jihad first befriended a girl running a beauty parlor in Bareilly. Then forcibly raped her after taking her hostage. Having made him a hostage, he has also been beaten up.

Used to apply kalava in hand and tilak on forehead

Not only this, to hide the identity of his name and religion, the accused used to tie Kalava in his hand and apply Tilak on his forehead. The family of the accused forcibly converted the victim by keeping her hostage. After that taught Nikah with Abid. The victim has now lodged a complaint against five people at the Subhash Nagar police station in Bareilly.

On the basis of the victim's complaint, the police have registered a case against 5 people under serious sections of religious conversion. At present, the police have not arrested the accused yet.

Ankit told the name to trap in Premjal

In fact, a 30-year-old woman from Bareilly is a resident of a village in Bhuta police station area. That woman used to run a beauty parlor in Bareilly city. The woman told the police that a young man from Malhapur village used to visit the beauty parlor in 2018. The young man used to tie kalava in his hand and apply tilak on his forehead. The one who had earlier told his name as Ankit. The young man made friendship with his sweet words. Took his mobile number. This young man used to work as a truck driver.

Used to beat up hostage in the house

The victim told that in December 2018, the youth took her with him. Forcibly raped her. If protested then threatened to make the video viral. The young man told that his name is Abid. He is a Muslim. When he opposed this, Abid and his father and his sister and father-in-law took him hostage and started beating him. Forcibly fed him beef. He was forcibly converted. Threatened to kill him by taking him hostage at home.

Family did mental abuse

The woman alleges that she was not even given a mobile phone while being held hostage in the house. After this Abid started raping forcibly. The whole family was kept hostage. Started abusing mentally and physically. The victim tried several times to escape from the clutches of the accused, but she could not escape. The whole family kept an eye on him.

The victim came out of the clutches of the accused in May 2023

The victim told that she got the body taken hostage in the house. He told that Abid and his family were held hostage in Kargaina, Bareilly. For 4 and a half years, Abid kept abusing her physically and mentally. On 20 May 2023, she came out of the clutches of the accused.

After this, he complained to the SSP in Bareilly on this matter. Taking cognizance of the whole matter, the SSC directed to register an FIR in the police station Swasthya Nagar. Vishwas Nagar police registered a case under sections of religious conversion and started investigation.

Police engaged in arresting the accused

The victim alleges that the police have registered a case but have not arrested the accused yet. The accused are constantly threatening to kill him. The victim also alleges that she leaves her house because something untoward can happen to her at any time. He needs protection now. On the other hand, in this whole case, SP City of Bareilly Rahul Bhati told that on May 22, a case has been registered against five people including Abid on the complaint of the victim in the police station.