Sanjana Suicide Case / Love Jihad took the life of a baseball player! Abdul wanted to make Sanjana a Muslim

Zoom News : Jun 09, 2023, 01:24 PM
Sanjana Suicide Case: Every day new revelations are happening in the Sanjana Suicide Case of baseball national player Sanjana Barkade in Jabalpur. Sanjana's father has recorded his statement in front of the police, according to which the accused Abdul Mansoori was forcing Sanjana to convert to Muslim religion. However, the police have arrested the accused Abdul in this case.

Accused Abdul Mansuri wanted to get Sanjana at any cost. For this he was continuously blackmailing. Police arrested Abdul from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. A police team is engaged in questioning him. A police officer said that the police is probing the Sanjana murder case from every angle. Accused Abdul can make many important revelations in this case.

Abdul was threatening Sanjana

Sanjana's father alleges that Abdul was threatening to post the audio of the conversation with Sanjana on social media. That is why she was under stress and hanged herself. According to Sanjana's father, he advised the daughter to stay away from Abdul. Abdul is alleged to have posted a video of Sanjana on social media recently. Sanjana had asked Abdul several times to delete this video. But, he remained adamant. He started harassing her continuously. Sanjana was under more stress after the video was posted.

Both came in contact through social media

At the same time, the police have come to know about Abdul Mansoori that he does business by setting up a street hawker. Both came in contact through social media. There used to be a conversation between the two through this. Then later both started talking on the phone. Sanjana was an excellent player of baseball. She was a national player of baseball. Because of this game, he had gained a lot of fame. Along with sports, she was also pursuing BA.