India / Give PM Modi one chance, will make Sonar Bangla in 5 yrs: Shah at roadshow

Zoom News : Dec 20, 2020, 06:00 PM
Bolpur: Union Home Minister Amit Shah at a roadshow in Bolpur urged the people of West Bengal to give one chance to BJP and promised that the party will make the state ‘Sonar Bangla’ in 5 years.

“Give one chance to Narendra Modi. We will make ‘Sonar Bangla’ in 5 years,” Amit Shah said.

In a tweet, sharing the pictures of the roadshow, Amit Shah, who is also called the ‘Chanakya’ of BJP for his lobbying with leaders at grassroots level, said, “These pictures clearly reflect that the people of West Bengal has decided to wipe out the corrupt TMC government.”

“I thank people of West Bengal for such amazing affection in today’s roadshow,” he said in another tweet.

“Wherever the BJP has come in power, the state has walked on a road to development. Bengal has moved away from the road to development,” Shah said at the roadshow.

“The change that is going to take place in Bengal is for its development and will take it ahead. The change is going to stop infiltration from Bangladesh and to stop political killings,” he said.

“I’ve never seen a roadshow like this in my entire life, and I’ve done several of them. It shows the love and trust the people of Bengal are showering on PM Modi and the hatred they have for Mamata Didi and TMC,” he added.

In a separate development, countering Home Minister’s claims made at a rally yesterday, TMC MP Derek shared a tweet saying, “7 pieces of concocted, false info in one speech”.

O’Brien tweeted a screenshot of seven claims made by Amit Shah and offered counter-statements to each.

“Fact Check of the speech made in Bengal by the henchman of the “tourist gang”. 7 pieces of concocted, false info in one speech. Actually, by his standards, quite low!” he said in a tweet.

Derek O’Brien also countered Amit Shah’s yesterday’s remark at a rally over the defection of Mamata Banerjee from Congress in 1998.

He said Banerjee did not defect, she set up a NEW party and also reminded Amit Shah that she had resigned from the Congress in 1998 to set up the Trinamool.

Yesterday, ex-TMC behemoth Suvendu Adhikari joined the BJP as he took up the saffron flag from the hands of Amit Shah. Adhikari was introduced to BJP to a thunderous applaud from the huge crowd present at Shah’s rally at Midnapore collegiate ground.

Shah welcomed Suvendu Adhikari and several others to the BJP. He said that senior party members are leaving Trinamool Congress because of corruption and growing discontent among the common people.

Adhikari, the former Minister of Transport, Irrigation and Water resource in Government of West Bengal, has taken with him a total of more than 40 TMC leaders to the BJP.

Nine MLAs – six from TMC, one from CPIM, one from CPI and one from Congress – joined BJP on Saturday. One sitting and a former TMC MP also defected to the Hindutva camp.