ICC New Rule / Good news for players – ICC changed the rule of WTC

Zoom News : Jul 13, 2023, 10:58 PM
ICC New Rule: The third cycle of the World Test Championship has started. It started with the Ashes series between Australia and England and now the India-West Indies Test series has also started. After the success of the first two cycles, there is excitement about the third championship as well. The fans are thrilled about it, now the players are going to get even more pleasure from this championship. The International Cricket Council has taken such a decision which will reduce the loss of the players and save more money in their pocket.

The ICC's Annual Conference was going on in Durban, South Africa for the last few days, in which BCCI Secretary Jai Shah also participated. Many important decisions were taken in this conference itself, in which the decision to change the punishment for slow overtime in the World Test Championship was important. Players will definitely be happy with this decision.

Now heavy fine will not be imposed

The ICC informed about the decisions taken in the conference on Thursday, 13 July. The change in punishment for slow overtime in Test cricket was also mentioned by the ICC in its press release. It has been clarified that due to slow over-rate, there will be no change in the points deducted from the teams' account. It will remain the same as now, but the rule of deducting the fees of the players has definitely been modified.

Under the new rule, in case of slow over rate of the team, there will be a deduction of 5% in the match fee of each player. That is, in case of one over slow, 5% fee will be deducted, which was 10% till now. In the World Test Championship final, the entire 100% fees of the players of Team India were deducted. Now this will not happen. Now the fees of the players can be deducted only up to a maximum of 50%.

Equal prize money for men's and women's tournaments

Apart from this, the ICC has also taken a revolutionary decision. The ICC has now decided to equalize prize money in its international tournaments in men's and women's cricket. That is, the prize money that the winner, runner-up or other teams get in the Men's T20 World Cup or ODI World Cup, the same amount of money will be given to the teams in the Women's tournament.