Technical / Google lets users order food via search, maps or assistant without downloading an additional app

India TV : May 25, 2019, 10:45 AM

Google is now letting users order food directly via Search, Maps, or Assistant using its partnerships with delivery companies, saving people the trouble of having to download any additional apps.

According to a Verge report on Thursday, Google has added a new "Order Online" button on Search and Maps that will appear when users search for a supported restaurant.

Users will be allowed to choose between pickup and delivery to select between services for their food ordered and if the restaurant supports it the ordering selections would be made entirely through the Google interface or Google Pay.

Users could also ask Google Assistant to repeat a previous order as well, but it is still unclear if the feature would work on other smart displays or smart speakers with Google Assistant.

This new functionality will support five different delivery services at the launch that would include Postmates, DoorDash,, ChowNow and Slice. Google is also planning to add support for Zuppler and others in future.

The search engine giant recently revamped the Search interface for mobile with a new design that will help mobile users in understanding better which information would be coming from where and what they would be looking for.