World / Gut bacteria may help fight Covid-19 Yonsei University Study

Zoom News : Jun 22, 2021, 01:42 PM
Seoul: All countries around the world are fighting a war against Corona and vaccination is being considered as the most powerful weapon against the epidemic. New discoveries and research are being done every day to fight this virus. Now a new study has revealed that the weapon to fight the corona virus is present in the human stomach itself. According to the study, there is a bacteria in our stomach that can control this virus.

Stomach virus treatment!

According to the news of IANS, according to a study by Yonsei University of South Korea, a bacteria present in the human stomach can prove to be helpful in fighting the corona virus. Researchers found in their research that bacteria produce a compound that is capable of inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes corona.

A similar study has come to the fore in the past, in which it was revealed that some patients infected with corona have stomach-related problems, while the infection spreads to the lungs of some patients.

Compound test results

Giving information about this, researcher Mohammad Ali of Yonsei University said, 'We wondered whether the bacteria found in the stomach could protect the intestine from virus attack.' To test this, the researchers looked at the role of gut bacteria against the corona. It was found that some similar activity has been observed in bacteria called Bifidobacterium.

The researcher has used a variety of techniques, including machine learning techniques, to reach this result. Researchers say that these compounds can be effective against viruses. Mohammad Ali said that many types of compounds were tested to reach here, but there is still a lot of research work to do on the complete data of the study.

The research will be presented at the World Microbe Forum, which is being held from June 20 to 24.