Rahul Gandhi News / I am the MP from Rae Bareli, there is a plan for Priyanka as well… what hints did Rahul give

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 12, 2024, 04:30 PM
Rahul Gandhi News: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has won the elections from Rae Bareli and Wayanad seats in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. It remains a mystery whether Rahul Gandhi will keep the Rae Bareli seat or Wayanad because he has won both the seats by a huge margin. After winning the election, Rahul has said twice that he wants to keep both the seats, but it is not possible. In such a situation, it was not made clear on the visit to Rae Bareli which seat he is going to keep, but the way he has indicated in the Aabhar Sabha program in Rae Bareli on Tuesday, its political meaning is now being sought. Rahul Gandhi appealed to the hundred-year-old relationship between Rae Bareli and the Gandhi family and further said that 'Now I am the MP of Rae Bareli.' In such a situation, it is being said about his statement that Rahul Gandhi will not leave the Rae Bareli seat. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi thanked Priyanka Gandhi for his victory in Rae Bareli and further said that he has a plan for sister Priyanka, which he will share with you later. In this way, Rahul Gandhi has given political indications about the future.

Indication given by calling him MP of Rae Bareli

For the first time after being elected MP from Rae Bareli, Rahul Gandhi reached Rae Bareli on Tuesday with his sister Priyanka Gandhi. Congress had organized a gratitude meeting to express gratitude to the voters and workers of Rae Bareli-Amethi. While expressing gratitude, Rahul addressed himself as the MP of Rae Bareli. He said that I want to tell the people of Amethi that I am the MP of Rae Bareli, but what I told you was that whatever happens in Rae Bareli will happen in Amethi as well. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi lost the election from Amethi and after that when he reached Amethi, he told the people here that now I am the MP of Wayanad, but the relationship with you people will remain. In such a situation, now saying that I am the MP of Rae Bareli. Rahul Gandhi has accepted that he is the MP from Rae Bareli, so it is not easy for him to leave this seat.

Rahul Gandhi said that we have a very old relationship with Rae Bareli and Amethi. It started about 100 years ago, when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji came here for the farmers' movement. This is a deep relationship which is there now and will always remain. The way Rahul Gandhi appealed to the Gandhi family's years-old relationship with Rae Bareli and repeatedly thanked the people of the area. Political experts are linking this to his being an MP from Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat. They believe that Rahul Gandhi will leave the Wayanad seat and retain the Rae Bareli seat. This is also because during the election campaign Sonia Gandhi had said that I am leaving my son. In such a situation, the people of Rae Bareli have made Rahul Gandhi win with record votes, so the seat is not easy for him.

What plan does Rahul have for Priyanka?

After addressing the gratitude meeting in Rae Bareli, Rahul Gandhi went on the stage and greeted the leaders by holding their hands. During this, he hugged sister Priyanka Gandhi. After this, Rahul again moved towards the mike and said I want to thank sister Priyanka for this victory. Rahul Gandhi said that Priyanka put her heart and soul into Rae Bareli and Amethi. She kept working by sleeping for only two hours. I want to specially thank Priyanka. After this, Rahul smiled and said that he has a plan for Priyanka, which he will share with you later.

Rahul Gandhi did not reveal what plan he has for Priyanka Gandhi, but now the political meaning of his statement is being searched. Whichever seat Rahul Gandhi leaves out of Rae Bareli and Wayanad Lok Sabha seat, will Priyanka Gandhi contest the by-election from that seat only? Apart from this, Congress has performed well in UP this time, is there a plan to give her any big responsibility in the state again?

Congress's hopes from UP have increased

Congress had entered the electoral fray in Uttar Pradesh in alliance with SP. Congress candidates contested on 17 out of 80 seats in the state, in which 6 MPs of the party managed to win. Congress's vote share also increased from 6.36 percent to 9.46 percent. Congress has won Prayagraj, Saharanpur and Sitapur Lok Sabha seats after nearly four decades. It has made a comeback in Barabanki after 2009 and has avenged its defeat in Amethi five years ago. Congress has performed quite well even on the 11 seats in the state where it has lost. Congress has lost by a very narrow margin on seats like Bansgaon, Deoria, Amroha, Maharajganj and Fatehpur Sikri. The way Congress candidate Ajay Rai has given a tough fight to PM Modi on Varanasi seat and the margin of victory of BJP has been very low, due to this the morale of Congress has increased.

After the victory in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress is trying to make a comeback in Uttar Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi also praised the political results from UP and asked it to be ready for the future role. He said that UP has given a clear message to the country's politics that it does not like the policies of PM Narendra Modi. The message of the changing politics of the country will come from UP only. The fight is not over yet. If the country's politics has to be given a new vision, then it will come from UP only. In such a situation, it is clear that Rahul has told that UP is very important for future politics.

To give a message to Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi can retain his MP seat from Rae Bareli and strengthen the Congress in the politics here. There is also a saying in politics that the road to Delhi passes through Uttar Pradesh. That is why PM Modi had to come from Gujarat to UP and contest the elections. UP did the work of taking Modi to the heights of power and UP created problems in 2024. UP Congress is trying to make Rahul Gandhi keep the Rae Bareli seat. In the meeting of the Political Affairs Committee of Uttar Pradesh Congress, the proposal for Rahul Gandhi to remain MP from Rae Bareli was passed. Now UP is on the agenda of Congress, so it is a political compulsion for Rahul to stay in UP. When Rahul said that I am the MP from Rae Bareli, it has once again given strength to the speculations that even though a clear announcement is still awaited, Rahul will remain MP from Rae Bareli.