Special / If your children are not running Facebook and Instagram read this important news before giving the phone

Zoom News : Oct 16, 2021, 01:33 PM
Child Rescue Coalition, an organization working for the rights of children in the United Kingdom, has written a letter to Facebook. The organization has written in a letter sent to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the wrong message is being sent to the parents of children about Facebook and Facebook is maligning their image in them. Let us tell you that recently, former Facebook project manager Francis Hogen had exposed Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook in the US Senate. Francis Hogen revealed the flaws related to Facebook, after which the created image of Facebook was badly damaged all over the world.

Very serious allegations were made on Facebook

Francis Hogne accused Facebook in the US Senate, saying that the company focuses more on its profits than the safety of its users. Since the allegation, the image of Facebook spread across the world had started to have a bad effect. Since the allegations made by Francis Hogen, the company had started preparations to improve the internal structure of Facebook.

Facebook made this appeal to employees

According to the news, efforts to improve the app have also been started. The company is under a lot of pressure after the vulnerability related to the security of billions of people came to the fore. Facebook has asked its employees not to share any internal messages of the company with any outsider. According to reports, when Facebook employees open their internal message board, they see a message, which reads - We request, please do not leak any internal information.

Facebook's other apps are also dangerous for children

In a letter sent to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Child Rescue Coalition has written that Facebook is not at all good for children. The organization said that there are many such features of Facebook which are fatal. Apart from this, he also said that not only Facebook but also Instagram and WhatsApp are very bad for the mental development of children.