Banking / IFSC Codes of this bank will change from July 1, these charges of SBI-Axis will also increase

Zoom News : Jun 30, 2021, 06:51 AM
There are many changes in the country's banking sector from July 1. It involves increasing the charge of SBI and Axis Bank. As well as the IFSC Code of a bank merger in Canara Bank is also going to change.The Syndicate Bank of the government sector has now been merged with Canara Bank. In such a case, the old IFSC code of Syndicate Bank from July will not be of work. It will replace Syndicate Bank customers to use Canara Bank's new IFSC Code. Where will meet the new IFSC Code ...?

Bank customers need more need for NEFT, IMPPS, RTGS and other types of digital transactions. In such a situation, the new IFSC Code fixed for the branches of the syndicate bank can achieve you from the old branch of the Canara Bank, Kenara Bank, the old branch of its syndicate bank or

The country's largest bank SBI Cash Vidrall is going to decide the new limit from July. Now SBI customers will be able to remove the cash from the bank's branch 4 times from July 1. More often than Cash Vidrol, customers will charge 15 rupees. GST will look different on this.

Top of SBI's Cash Vidrol will also apply to the transactions made from Rule ATM. In such a case, more than 4 times more than 4 times, the customer will have to pay 15 rupees and with GST separately.

Not only this, SBI has also changed the rules associated with the check book for its Basic Saving Bank Deposit (BSBD) accounts. Such account holders will get 10 checks free from first July. After this, customers will have to pay Rs 40 for 40 rupees and 25 checks for the next 10. GST will also be charged separately. If the customer takes 10 leaf checkbooks in Emergency, then it will have to give 50 rupees and GST. The Old Testament will remain valid for senior citizens.

In SBI where the rules associated with the checkbook are changing. Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank will be given the new checkbook. Both of these banks have merged in Bank of India, so their old checkbooks have been illegal. Customers have been asked to issue a new checkbook.

If you are the customer of axis bank of private sector and you want the SMS alerts on your phone, then your pocket is going to be loose and loose from July first. Axis Bank has decided to send every SMS Alert to charge up to 25 rupees and maximum 25 rupees in the month. However, it will not be applicable for promotional text messages and OTP.