New Delhi / International Men's Day: In India, this day was started by a woman, saying - showing wrong image of men is not right

Zoom News : Nov 19, 2019, 10:27 AM
In society and family, men are often shown to be impatient, angry and violent. Be it movies or books, their definition in history is written in this way. To change this thinking, Dr. Jirom Tilak Singh, History Lecturer of West Indies started International Men's Day on 19 November 1999. It started in India in 2007, thanks to Hyderabad writer Uma Challa. According to Uma, when both Shiva and Shakti are equal in our culture, why should celebrations not be held for men as well. Know from Uma, the story of this International Men's Day ...

Started campaign from America in favor of men

A woman chooses a job as her choice after marriage, but it does not happen to men. Women are always shown to be weak by associating with the problem, while both men and women have their own strengths. Shakti cannot be separated from Shiva, hence she is called Ardhanarishwara. When both are equal, the celebration must be for the male as well. With this thought, I started a campaign by living in America. It was not possible for me to come to India and start at the grassroots level. So I raised my voice on the digital platform and continued writing on the subject.

In 2007 men's day was celebrated for the first time in India

At the beginning of the campaign, there was a negative reaction of people falling for women's rights, but did not take their words seriously. He said, this society is male dominated, but I do not believe so. Actually, at that time I saw women and their problems were more raised and wrong picture of men was being presented. Problems are on both sides, but showed only going in favor of women. Celebrating Women's Day is good but it is not right to show the wrong image of all men. Men are considered to dominate women, it is all part of their responsibilities, part of their sacrifice. So, my campaign continued. Finally, in 2007, International Mens Day was celebrated for the first time in India at a very small level.

If the mustache is given priority, the campaign progressed

Ever since he began to understand God, he has seen more idols and photographs showing him without a mustache. I studied for a long time. Read history, see ancient photographs, read Sanskrit verses, read Telugu literature translated from Sanskrit. One thing was clear from them that mustache has been an important part of God's personality, not just men. Most of the temples in South India have mustaches on the faces of the statues. Even the statue kept in the museum of Rajasthan has the mustache of Lord Rama. Historical studies of other cultures, not just Indians, mention the mustache. The beard and the mustache are said to be human beings. In the temples of Hampi the mustache is clearly shown on the face of the Lord. Devotees want to see God as they think.

Promote positive thinking by a good person

According to Uma, it is not that men are getting what they want easily. There is an additional burden on men due to lack of balance between women and men in society. It may be a choice for a woman not to work, but in the case of men. It is believed that men have names every day and society is also male. Both women and men have different strengths and responsibilities. Things get better when these two come together equally. We need to be positive to give a better environment to the generations to come.