WTC Final / IPL's impact on India's bowling? Difference seen in Oval within two days

Zoom News : Jun 09, 2023, 08:01 AM
WTC Final: In the last few years, a trend has emerged regarding Indian cricket. Whenever the performance of Team India is poor, critics and fans of the team start blaming the Indian Premier League directly. Usually it remains absurd, but on some occasions it also seems right, like the final of the World Test Championship, where India's condition is bad in front of Australia.

In this final being played at the Oval ground in London, at first India's bowlers failed to stop Australia on a small score. Australia scored 469 runs. Then the condition of the batsmen came to the fore and 5 wickets fell for just 151 runs.

Effect of two months of IPL on bowlers

At first glance, it can be understood as the difference between the batting of both the teams. The second but most important aspect of this is hidden in the bowling and its wires are connected to IPL to a great extent. In fact, till about 10 days before this title match which started from 7th June, the players of Team India were playing in IPL. That too from last 2 months.

This affected the Indian players, especially the bowlers. Team India landed in this final with four fast bowlers – Mohammad Shami, Mohammad Siraj, Umesh Yadav and Shardul Thakur. All these four bowlers were a special part of their respective teams in the IPL. Shami played 17 matches, Siraj 14, Shardul 11 and Umesh 8 during this period. Umesh was also injured for some time in between.

Sudden change fatigue

That is, all of them were standing on the cricket field continuously for two months. Except Shami, the remaining three reached London 2 weeks before the finals, while Shami was the last between 1-2 dates. Meanwhile, no practice match was also played. There was a lot of practice in the nets, but due to spells of only 4-4 overs for two consecutive months, suddenly in Test cricket, the effect of bowling many overs in changed conditions was clearly visible on the first day itself.

By the third session, the Indian bowlers were looking tired and the edge of the bowling had become blunt and the Australian batsmen took advantage of this by scoring maximum runs.

Australian bowlers very fresh

These things are being said here because on the contrary, three of Australia's 4 fast bowlers - Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins and Scott Boland were away from cricket during this period. All three have not played any cricket since the tour of India in March. And kept himself fresh while resting. Its result is in front in the form of two days of play.

If you want, the batsmen can also be blamed for this. All the batsmen of Team India were also facing white balls in the stadium with flat pitches and small boundaries in the IPL for almost two months, which hardly swing. After this, the red ball that used to bounce and swing directly in the oval put them in trouble.