Iran Nuclear Weapon / Iran is just one step away from making nuclear weapons, UN report creates stir

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 28, 2024, 08:20 AM
Iran Nuclear Weapon: The United Nations' nuclear monitoring body has shared shocking information. A confidential report released on Monday claimed that Iran has developed its stockpile of enriched uranium to a level where making weapons from it is not too difficult. The report clearly states that Iran has increased its enriched uranium stockpile to near weapons-grade levels. Let us understand this whole matter. 

What was mentioned in the report?

A confidential report issued by the United Nations' nuclear monitoring body states that Iran now has 142.1 kg of enriched uranium of 60 percent purity. This is 20.6 kg more since the last report released in February. This means that Iran has taken its enriched uranium reserves to the level of weapons. 

Iran one step away from nuclear weapons

For your information, let us tell you that to make nuclear weapons, enriched uranium of 90 percent purity is required. With enriched uranium of 60 percent purity, Iran is now just one step away from achieving its goal. According to the AP report, Iran is demanding the removal of economic sanctions imposed on the country's controversial nuclear program in exchange for slowing down the process. 

How much uranium does Iran have?

According to various reports, Iran has total reserves of 6201.3 kg of enriched uranium. This represents an increase of 675.8 kilograms since the International Atomic Energy Agency's previous report. Let us tell you that this report has come out at a time when there is tension in the entire Middle East region. Recently both Iran and Israel have also attacked each other.