World / Israel carries out airstrikes in Gaza first time since end of last months fighting

Zoom News : Jun 16, 2021, 01:10 PM
Israel | Last month, the 11-day-long blood conflict between Israel and Hamas was called off by declaring a ceasefire. But once again Israel and Palestine are face to face. Israel has once again launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip. In fact, Gaza released explosive-filled balloons into southern Israel, after which Israel also launched air strikes, breaking the ceasefire.

If this case escalates, it will be the first test for Israel's new Bennett government. Let us tell you that earlier on Nangalwar in East Jerusalem, Israel's far-right had taken out a march, which Gaza is considering as a provocative action.

The Israeli military says it carried out airstrikes in Hamas areas and is now ready to face any situation after that. Israel fired missiles at the city of Khan Younis in Gaza. Earlier, an Israeli military spokesman said that the explosive-laden balloons were released from the Gaza Strip targeting Israel.

On May 21, a ceasefire was announced between Israel and Gaza. Before this, there were attacks with rockets and missiles for 11 days between the two. Gaza reported that 253 Palestinians were killed, 66 of them children. At the same time, 13 Israelis also died in the attacks, including a 5-year-old child and a soldier.