Corona Crisis / Jai Prabha Setu becomes a way to dispose off corona affected bodies in the river

Zoom News : May 11, 2021, 09:51 PM
Patna: At a time when the Corona epidemic has caused outrage across the country, the irresponsible attitude of some people may increase the risk of further spread of this infection. If you want to see the extent of insensitivity, then look at Jayaprabha Setu of Manjhi block of Saran district bordering Uttar Pradesh. Jayaprabha Setu, the most important road bridge connecting Bihar and UP border, now remains a means of 'disposal' of Kovid infected corpses. On this day, the ambulance drivers from this bridge leave the bodies brought from the hospitals and leave them comfortably and the administration is trying to tell the blind eye the situation is normal or under control.

According to local people, whether it is Bihar or Uttar Pradesh, ambulances come from both the states, throw the dead body from the bridge and run out. The cremated bodies are also not cremated nor are they buried in mud. Insensitive administration is ignoring a major danger regarding these dead bodies being fed by stray animals.

Arvind Singh, a resident of Manjhi, says that ambulance drivers throw away dead bodies. People coming from both the states of UP and Bihar are doing this work. He has urged the administration to take steps in this direction.