Jio Air Fiber / Jio Air Fiber will be launched soon – fast 5G network will be available without cable

Vikrant Shekhawat : Aug 28, 2023, 05:54 PM
Jio Air Fiber: Mukesh Ambani has announced the launch date of Jio Fiber in the 46th AGM of Reliance Jio. The service of Jio Airfiber will be started in the country on September 19 (Ganesh Chaturthi). With the help of this service, Jio users everywhere at home and office will get the benefit of high speed internet service. The special thing is that this will be a wireless internet service and with this the hassle of cable connection will end. According to Mukesh Ambani, with the help of Jio AirFiber, efforts are being made to provide high speed internet service to about 20 crore offices and homes across the country. According to this, about 1.5 lakh connections of Jio AirFiber will be installed every day.

Understand Jio AirFiber properly

Simply put, Jio AirFiber will be such a device that you just have to plug it in. After this you will get to run internet without wire. It will work like a WiFi hotspot, which you will be able to connect to other devices and take advantage of the high speed 5G network.

Internet speed will get stronger

According to reports, the speed of Jio Airfiber can go up to 1 Gbps. That is, with this speed, movies can be downloaded in minutes. Like this smartphone device, it can be used by taking it from one place to another. Those users will get the benefit of this service of Jio, where broadband service has not yet reached.

The good thing is that to run Jio Airfiber, only Jio 5G SIM card will have to be installed in the device. This device will be launched with many variants and recharge plans.

5G internet across the country

During the Reliance AGM, Mukesh Ambani also told that by December 2024, Jio's 5G service will be available across the country. Right now there are 50 million 5G customers across the country. Apart from this, there are a total of 25 million users who use feature phones.