Special / Man distributed gulab jamun on fuket airport goes viral

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2022, 06:58 PM
Special | Security checks are a routine at the airport. Often there is something in the passenger's bag that the security personnel do not allow to be taken on the flight. One such incident has come to be seen with an Indian at Phuket Airport in Thailand. Here a passenger named Himanshu Devgan was not allowed to carry a box of Gulab Jamun. After this, the people present there were also surprised to see what that passenger did at the airport.

There was an option to throw or deposit in the security check

Himanshu Devgan was waiting in line for security check at Phuket airport on his way to India from Thailand. During this, a box of Gulab Jamun came out of his luggage. The officers posted for the security check did not allow Himanshu to take the box of Gulab Jamun. After this Himanshu had two options, either he would throw it away or deposit it in the security check. But he did not choose any of these two options. Instead, he fed the sweets only to the officers posted for the security check.

people are praising the internet

The people posted at Phuket airport were also surprised to see Himanshu doing this. Its video is becoming very viral on Instagram. The video was uploaded to Instagram on 24 September at the airport. It has got 1100000 views and 61000 likes so far. People on the internet are praising this gesture of Himanshu fiercely. One user wrote that he has given a very sweet punishment for not allowing Gulab Jamun to be taken. Another wrote that it is very beautiful.