Special / Man garlands wife insted of moped video viral on social media

Zoom News : Oct 15, 2022, 10:05 PM
Special | Some such clips are often viral on social media, which makes the heart happy. One such video clip of an elderly couple is going viral. It is seen in this that an elderly person buys a moped from the showroom. After this, she is given a garland of flowers to wear to the moped. In happiness, instead of wearing this garland to the moped, the old man starts wearing it to his wife. After this, when he realizes the mistake, he again garlands the moped. During this, people are wowing on social media seeing the expressions on the face of the wife.

video inside showroom

This video is from inside a showroom. Here the elderly couple has reached to buy a moped. After buying a moped, a man gives a necklace of flowers to an elderly man. Taking the necklace of flowers, the old man goes towards his wife and starts wearing it around her neck. Seeing this, the person giving the necklace says to him, hey, wear the necklace to the moped and not to the wife. He then makes the moped wear the necklace.

very cute and pure

On the other hand, the wife, who is ready to wear the necklace, blushes because of this. During this, seeing the amount of innocence on her face, she is being praised a lot on social media. This video, posted on Twitter on October 12, has been viewed by nearly 5 lakh people so far. The caption of the video reads, 'Cutest video on the internet'. A Twitter user wrote that today the simplicity is over among the people, it is seen a lot in this video. Another wrote that it is very sweet and pure. Where can we see all this in today's time?