Special / Man proposing his girlfriend in the hospital is the cutest proposal video

Zoom News : Jun 23, 2021, 06:03 PM
New Delhi: Proposal videos are very much liked on social media. Some videos are so funny that no one can live without laughing after watching them, while watching some gets emotional and fills the eyes (Emotional Video). Recently, a very emotional proposal video has gone viral on the social media site Instagram (Instagram Trending), seeing which you will definitely become emotional.

proposed in hospital

A proposal video has been shared on the social media site Instagram Trending. This video was shot in the hospital. In this, a man is seen proposing his girlfriend in the hospital (Cutest Proposal Video). Seeing the woman, it is known that she has just delivered and a small child is also lying nearby.

It is worth watching the reaction of the child

When the man proposed to the woman, he could not believe it at all. After handling himself, he said yes to the proposal. At the same time, when the camera was focused on the child, after the proposal, there was a lot of relief on his face. Looking at him, it seems as if he too has given his consent. It is written on the child's t-shirt - Mom, will you marry my daddy?

Unique video viewed by thousands of people

This Proposal Video is very cool and unique. So far more than 65 thousand people have seen this video. Some people even had tears in their eyes. At the same time, some are expressing their happiness.