Bigg Boss 17 / Mannara's tongue slipped regarding Khanjadi, said 'characterless'

Zoom News : Nov 09, 2023, 11:00 AM
Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan's reality show, Bigg Boss 17 has now reached its fourth week and the fights between the housemates are increasing. Recently, in the latest episode of this reality show of Colors TV, we saw Priyanka Chopra's younger sister Mannara Chopra once again fighting with Jigna Vohra and Rinku Dhawan and her best friend Munawar Faruqui. In her anger, Manrara Chopra called her fellow contestant Khanzadi a characterless person and netizens did not like her words at all.

Actually, in the last three days, Mannara Chopra was angry at Jigna Vora, Rinku Dhawan, Munawar Faruqui and Khanzadi for nominating her. He said that Khanzadi should have been nominated in his place to be thrown out of the house. After this nomination task, Mannara is getting angry about every small thing. Recently, he accused Jigna and Rinku and said that both of them are targeting him regarding kitchen work.

Mannara put this condition in front of Munawwar

Mannara also said that Jigna tried to give a romantic angle to Munavvar and their friendship and she does not like her name being associated with Munavvar at all as they both are just good friends. After Jigna and Rinku, Mannara targeted Munavvar. He said that Munawwar had troubled him by asking Khanzadi to fight behind his back and hence he would have to apologize to Mannara in front of everyone.

Ankita gave advice

Now, apart from Munavvar, Mannara is seen befriending many people in Bigg Boss house. Some time ago she was seen flirting with Abhishek Kumar. This is the reason that seeing Mannara in this way, the family members started talking about the two love triangles of Mannara-Abhishek-Munavvar and Khanzadi-Abhishek-Munavvar. But Mannara also got angry at the talks about Khanzadi's love triangle and called Khanzadi 'characterless'. However, after hearing this, Ankita Lokhande stopped him and said that she cannot use this word for anyone.