Delhi Government / Minister Rajkumar Anand resigns - fiercely targets Arvind Kejriwal and AAP

Zoom News : Apr 10, 2024, 07:53 PM
Delhi Government: Delhi Government Minister Rajkumar Anand has resigned. Let us tell you that ED had raided Rajkumar Anand's house a few days ago. Rajkumar Anand was the Social Welfare Minister in the Delhi Government. This is the first resignation from the Delhi government after the arrest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. After resigning, Rajkumar Anand held a press conference and said that the party which had come into existence due to the movement against corruption, has today itself drowned in it. He said that earlier he felt that the party leaders were being implicated, but after the High Court's decision, he felt that something was wrong somewhere.

'It has become uncomfortable to work in this government'

Rajkumar Anand said in the press conference after his resignation, 'When I came into politics, Arvind Kejriwal ji had said that if politics changes, the country will change. But today it has to be said with great regret that politics has not changed but politicians have changed. Aam Aadmi Party was born out of the movement against corruption, but today this party itself is stuck in the quagmire of corruption. It has become uncomfortable for me to work in this government as a minister. I am now resigning from this party, this government and my ministerial post, because I do not want my name to be associated with these corrupt practices.

'One day a man gets up after suffocating'

On the question of AAP resigning suddenly during the crisis, Rajkumar Anand said, 'There is no talk of such a time and that time. The man is suffocating and one day he stands up while suffocating. Before yesterday it seemed that we were being framed, but with the decision of the High Court yesterday, it seemed that there was something wrong with us. Later, when asked whether he would go to any other party, Rajkumar Anand said that he was not going anywhere. He said that he has sent his resignation to the CM office. However, since Chief Minister Kejriwal himself is in jail, it will be interesting to see how he accepts Rajkumar's resignation and sends it to the Lieutenant Governor.