Karnataka Politics / MLA Basanagouda Patil's threat - 'If I am expelled from BJP, I will reveal the names of those who looted Rs 40,000 crore.

Zoom News : Dec 27, 2023, 10:30 PM
Karnataka Politics: Accusing the Yediyurappa government of embezzlement of Rs 40,000 crore during the first wave of Corona in Karnataka, BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal warned that if he is expelled from the BJP, he will make public the names of those who allegedly embezzled Rs. According to news agency ANI, BJP MLA from Vijaypur Basanagouda Patil Yatnal said, "I will tell the names of those who have looted and created huge wealth during the Corona epidemic. BS Yediyurappa was the Chief Minister in the first wave of Corona. At that time, embezzlement of Rs 40,000 crore took place. At that time a bill of Rs 8 to 10 lakh was made in the name of each Corona patient."

BJP leader Basanagouda Patil said in a threatening manner, "We had a government at that time, but it does not matter whose government was in power, thieves are thieves."

Responding to the BJP MLA's allegations, CM Siddaramaiah said on Twitter, "BJP MLA Basanagouda's bold allegation that corruption worth Rs 40,000 crore took place during Covid in the previous BJP government led by Yediyurappa. His allegations further strengthen our earlier evidence in which we had alleged that the BJP government was a '40 per cent commission government.'

CM Siddaramaiah further said, "If we consider the allegation of BJP MLA Basanagouda, it seems that corruption is 10 times more than we estimated. The group of BJP ministers who came out shouting on our allegation and held a press conference in the Assembly Where are they hiding now?" The BJP MLA further alleged that the Yediyurappa government had fixed Rs 485 for a Rs 45 mask at the time of Covid.

He said, "During Corona, the BJP government fixed Rs 485 for a mask worth Rs 45. 10 thousand beds have been prepared in Bengaluru. 10,000 beds were taken on rent for this. If they had bought the beds with that money, then How many thousands of crores of rupees are there? Have they looted? I told this to BS Yediyurappa in the Assembly. When I became Corona positive, they took Rs 5 lakh 80 thousand from Manipal Hospital. Where do poor people give so much money from?

The BJP MLA said, "If they give me notice and try to expel me from the party, I will expose them all. Truth be told, everyone should be kept in fear. If everyone becomes a thief then the state and the country will suffer." Who will save?" The country is saved because of Prime Minister Modi.'' Referring to former BJP minister Murugesh Nirani's statement that BJP MLA Basanagouda's allegations will not be considered, he said, ''Questions should be asked about such people? How do they all become state vice-presidents? There are many more things, which I will tell later. When they expel me."