CM Mohan Yadav / Mohan Sarkar made a big preparation- Dress code will be implemented in government colleges of MP

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 10, 2024, 03:15 PM
CM Mohan Yadav: The Madhya Pradesh government may soon come up with a rule to implement dress code in government colleges of the state. According to the information, the Mohan Yadav government of the state has made full preparations regarding the dress code. According to the information, the Madhya Pradesh government can also implement the dress code in PM Shri colleges. Let us know the whole matter.

Education Minister gave a statement

Inder Parmar, Higher Education Minister in the Madhya Pradesh government, has talked to India TV in this matter. Parmar said that hijab is not yet a subject of uniform of our college. We will decide the dress code only with consensus. Let us tell you that in a conversation with India TV, the students of Bhopal colleges also said that there should be a dress code.

Protest also started

As soon as the matter of dress code came to the fore, protest has also started on this matter. Congress Muslim MLA Arif Masood from Bhopal region, opposing the dress code, said that the government wants to make fun of hijab and burqa through dress code. Masood said this will not work

Dress code should be optional - Congress MLA

Congress MLA Arif Masood said that in Karnataka too, unnecessary controversy was created on Hijab. According to Article 29, Article 30 of the Constitution, we have religious freedom. This will not be accepted in Madhya Pradesh. Masood said that dress code should be optional. If there is a girls college, then the students can go without burqa. But if there is no girls college, then burqa should be worn there.