Special / Money farming in pakistan man taking notes from crops in field shocking video

Zoom News : Jan 30, 2023, 10:38 PM
Notes From Crops In Field: Pakistan's poverty is well known. Countries around the world are tired of giving him loans, but his poverty does not seem to be ending. But recently such a video has come to the fore, seeing which it seems that Pakistan is going to become rich now. Because it seems that money farming has started there. For what is the truth in this, watch the video and read this news.

Money farming is happening there?

Actually, this video has been shared on Instagram by a user named Ghulam Dogar. He has posted many such videos on his handle, seeing that money is being cultivated there. It is seen in the video that a person takes out a radish grown in the ground and takes out a note from it. The surprising thing is that seeing this, it seems that this note is made in radish only.

People are surprised even after watching the video

In another video, a person takes out a pumpkin and when he cuts it with a knife, coins come out from inside. Not only this, many other valuable things come out of it, which is taken out and shown to the people. Even after watching this video, people are wondering how this could happen.

extracting money from the crop

Not only this, another video has been posted by the same user, in which it is seen that he is seen withdrawing some money from inside another crop. As soon as all these videos were posted on social media, they became viral. People confuse how all this has happened.

What is the truth in this?

Actually some users claim that this video is edited, it has been edited. On the other hand, some claim that all this money has already been hidden in the crop. Then their video has been made. By the way, what is the truth in this, it is a matter of research. But these videos are definitely going viral.