Mumbai Murder / Murder or suicide? Saraswati's death should not become a secret, this screw got stuck

Zoom News : Jun 09, 2023, 07:53 AM
Mumbai Murder: Anyone can be horrified to hear the atrocities committed by the accused in the Mumbai murder case in Maharashtra. In this case, the accused allegedly killed Saraswati, his 20-year-old live-in partner. No one should get a clue of this incident. To avoid this, accused Manoj cut Saraswati's dead body into several pieces and boiled them in a cooker and then ground them in a mixie.

When the people living in the neighborhood started smelling from near the house, they informed the police, after which the murder case came to light. According to the police, many parts of Saraswati's body are missing. It is suspected that these parts have been thrown somewhere or have been fed to dogs. In the midst of all this, the accused Manoj has denied the matter of murder. He has given a statement to the police that Saraswati had committed suicide, after which he was afraid that he might be accused of murder. To avoid this, he had done this to hide his dead body. After this statement, the case seems to be complicated.

This is because the police have so far found only the chopped spread of the woman and some pieces of the dead body, which have been sent to the hospital for postmortem. Experts say that it may be difficult to identify whether Saraswati committed suicide on the basis of only feet or some pieces, or whether she was murdered and the body was cut.

Difficult to get information in postmortem

In this case, Dr. BN Mishra of the Forensic Department at Deendayal Upadhyay Hospital, Delhi, says that it is a challenge to find out how the death happened in the post-mortem only on the basis of the feet. For this it is also necessary to meet the torso part of the body. However, there are many ways by which it can be identified whether it has been murdered or whether the woman has committed suicide. If there are any marks of wounds or rubbing on the feet, then it can be an indication that the woman has been murdered.

But if no such evidence is found, then a lot of effort will have to be made to find out the cause of death. For this, it is necessary to meet other parts of the body, but according to the information received, many small pieces of the body have been made. In such a situation, it may be difficult to reveal the correct information in the post-mortem.

Even if we talk about the poison theory, it becomes difficult to find out whether the poison is present in the body or not, just by the feet. Because some poisons are such that they are not even found in the bone marrow. Since the accused has given a statement that the woman had consumed poison, it is also necessary for her to find poison in the body, but without other body parts, this identification can be a difficult task.

Lest death become a secret

Dr. Deepak Kumar Suman says that some screw can get stuck in this kind of murder. Even if it is believed that the accused has killed and cut the dead body into pieces, then it is necessary to get other parts of the dead bodies. Because it is difficult to identify from the examination of the feet whether the body has been mutilated after suicide or it has been done after murder. Although the police still have the option of DNA investigation, but the way the accused has executed the incident. It shows that he is very clever.