Rajasthan Politics / NCP will create problem for congress and bjp in rajasthan 3 assembly seat by election 2021

Zoom News : Dec 19, 2020, 04:00 PM
Jaipur | The Nationalist Congress Party is preparing for a big political game in Rajasthan. This 'political tsunami' is trying to enter through Gujarat way. The NCP Leaders is silent on how and what the party's strategy will be, but it is clear from his activities that Rajasthan is now looking for an alternative politics. The BJP-Congress has a large vote bank in the state and the BSP has been infiltrating it a bit. But the BSP's winning candidates have been cheating their own party usually. Even its winning MLA has opened the poll of BSP organization. MLA of BSP saying publicaly that tickets are given here with money. The NCP has now set foot in the neighboring state of Gujarat and is poised to make a dent in the 2022 elections. But before that, she has made up her mind to test the Rajasthan Assembly by-election in 2021 like a pre board exam. It remains to be seen how it can expand its influence in Rajasthan.

There is a large section of people looking for political options in the state, but they do not have much opportunity. In such a situation, the NCP headed by Sharad Pawar, which has been playing an important role in national politics along with Maharashtra for the past 22 years, has started the pulse of Rajasthan. There are 200 assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats. The local leadership of the NCP has slammed the Congress as well as the BJP in 2021, contending that it will contest three assembly seats in Rajasthan in 2021.

NCP Rajasthan State President Ummed Singh Champawat says "Our work is going on on the upcoming strategy as directed by the top leadership. Such equations are forming in all three seats that the party can perform effectively here. The organization is working on the basis of these equations. As a possible candidate, many people are also making contacts and inviting NCP to come to the election ground here. These are public sentiments which have stood against the ruling parties till date." Champawat says that the specialty of democracy is that people have the option of effective and fair politics for selection and we have come to give the same opportunity to the people.

Political Path of Gujarat in Rajasthan?

The NCP contested Gujarat in 2012 in alliance with the Congress. That time won two MLAs Seat with the support of the Congress. NCP contested elections in the 2017 Freely or without congress support. Although the party won only one seat, but on its own. Not only this, the Congress suffered big losses due to NCP at many seats. It would not be wrong to say that NCP was a major reason in the tough competition between both BJP and Congress in Gujarat elections. Now NCP has established its organization in Gujarat and it will play its important role in future elections. In the same way, in 2018 NCP allied with Congress, but Congress gave one seat and the party could not win it but gave a tough fight in Bali Rajasthan. Now this party is talking about contesting the by-elections on its own lavel and at the same time is claiming to contest the upcoming elections by staying independent. It is clear that a new national political party has started in the state and it will also keep the electoral equation here on the lines of Gujarat. State President Champawat says what will be the party's strategy and how? These are all internal things of the organization, but we will make our existence in time. We will shape the strong prospects of development in Rajasthan and work in the public interest. Currently, the entire focus is on the 2021 assembly by-elections.

Elections are to be held in these seats

Sujangarh (Churu): Elections are to be held here after the death of Minister Master Bhanwarlal Meghwal. There are about two lakh sixty thousand voters here. Sujangarh and Bidasar are the two big municipalities and tehsil area. Reserve for Scheduled Castes is winning this seat every time by Meghwal caste Person. Till date both parties have not given representation to other Dalit class member. There is a big opportunity for NCP here. At the same time there is also a large number of Rajput and Vaishya voters and the number of migrants doing business in Mumbai is high. They also have the influence of NCP. If the NCP fieldes effective candidates here, the results will certainly be adverse compared to the BJP and the Congress.

Rajsamand: After the death of former minister Kiran Maheshwari, the Congress is trying its best to win the elections held here. The Congress has been giving tickets to the Rajput candidate from here and has been consistently losing in the last four elections. If the caste equations are followed here, the results will be affected here as well. There are about two lakh 20 thousand voters here.

Sahada (Bhilwara): Since the death of MLA Kailashchandra Trivedi, the seat is vacant here and elections are to be held. There are about two and a half lakh voters and the number of migrants here is quite good. In such a situation, NCP with direct influence from Mumbai can make a big dent in the vote bank here.