NCP Chief Ummed Singh Champawat press conference / On BJP's inclusion of councilors in Niwai, NCP Chief said that this murder of democracy, will give solid reply in by election 2021

Zoom News : Feb 03, 2021, 10:51 PM

Jodhpur | State President of the Nationalist Congress Party Rajasthan, Ummed Singh Champawat has said that it is non-democratic to get elected people's representatives on the basis of money power and to intimidate them. It is also devoid of public votes. The people of the state have chosen us as an alternative by rising above the Congress and BJP, this proves that the mass base of NCP is increasing in the state. Now we will field our candidates in the upcoming four by-elections and will go firmly in the public.

Champawat was addressing a press conference at the Jodhpur Circuit House on Wednesday. Champawat said that by purchasing the people's representatives won by the NCP's symbol and campaign, BJP has shown its petty and non-democratic mindset. This proves that this party can fall at any level to gain power. Champawat said that we will field our candidates in Sujangarh, Sahada, Rajsamand and Bhinder in the upcoming four bye-elections in the public and will keep our agenda firmly. Our agenda is for the development of the state. Relying on this agenda, the public blessed us in Nokha and Niwai. But in Niwai, the BJP showed a cheap mentality while doing politics of deceit and fraud. Champawat said that we are not disheartened by this but rather determined to get more and more votes to our candidates in the by-election in the Vidhan Sabha.

Remind you that in Niwai Municipality, NCP fielded candidates for 29 seats, out of which 17 were won. BJP got all 17 members of its party in Jaipur. In such a situation, despite having a majority here, the NCP could not become its president. In Nokha, NCP's Narayan Jhanwar has filed nomination for the post of president.

Party has issued whip

In the press conference, the state president has said that the NCP has issued a whip for freshness and has clearly said that if BJP or Congress voted for the post of president then it would clearly be a violation of the law and legal action will be implemented. The party has started implementing measures for legal action through advocate Shahabuddin Gauri in Jaipur High Court.