Lok Sabha Election / NDA approves seat sharing in Bihar, BJP-JDU get this many seats

Zoom News : Feb 14, 2024, 05:55 PM
Lok Sabha Election: BJP has decided to contest elections on 20 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar this time. Out of these 20 seats, 2 seats will be allotted to the MP of Paras group but he will have to be ready to contest the election on BJP's election symbol. It is being said that out of the two seats being given to the Paras group, one will be given to Prince Raj and the other to Surajbhan Singh's wife. According to sources, Pashupatinath Paras can be given a different role in the government for which the consultation process is going on.

It is almost certain that Chirag Paswan's party LJP (Ram Vilas) will contest elections on five seats. Apart from five Lok Sabha seats, LJP (Ram Vilas) faction was also demanding one Rajya Sabha seat but BJP does not seem ready for Rajya Sabha. It is being told that LJP (Ram Vilas) has decided to remain in NDA after being allotted five Lok Sabha seats.

JDU ready to contest elections on 12 seats?

Like last time, this time BJP and JDU are not going to contest elections on equal number of seats. According to BJP sources, BJP has decided to allot 12 seats to JDU in the Lok Sabha elections this time. It is being said that JDU is also ready to contest elections on 12 seats. In Bihar, Nitish Kumar will remain the Chief Minister till the assembly elections of 2025, but in the Lok Sabha elections, JDU will have to compromise on only 12 seats this time.

According to another BJP leader, out of the 12 seats given to JDU, BJP is preparing to field its candidates on some seats for which JDU is not ready. There is a tussle between JDU and BJP on this issue which is expected to be resolved soon. It is being said that by citing many surveys, BJP has been successful in convincing its constituents that contesting elections on BJP's election symbol will ensure more victory for the candidates. Therefore, whether it is two candidates from Paras faction or the matter of giving less seats to JDU, the constituent parties of BJP are almost ready on both these issues.

RLSP, Hindustani Morcha will remain in NDA

During the trust vote, Jitan Ram Manjhi had increased the headache of NDA by switching off his phone. But the top BJP leaders convinced him by sending Nityanand Rai to his home. It is being said that Jitan Ram Manjhi wants two ministerial posts in Nitish government whereas his wish was to get one seat in Rajya Sabha. But in Rajya Sabha, BJP had increased the problems of Jitan Ram Manjhi by announcing two candidates from its quota. Jitan Ram Manjhi has agreed for the time being. He can be given a seat from Gaya. He has been persuaded to remain in NDA by saying that his wishes will be taken care of in Nitish Kumar's cabinet.

Weakening of Grand Alliance will be beneficial

It is also considered certain that RLSP's Upendra Kushwaha will remain with NDA. A decision has been taken by NDA to give him two Lok Sabha seats. Obviously, in the new political circumstances in Bihar, all the small constituent parties have suffered some loss. But after Nitish Kumar joining NDA, both RLSP and Hindustani Awam Morcha are almost ready to contest the elections by remaining in NDA. In such a situation, it is being said that after the entry of Nitish Kumar, the India alliance has become very weak. Therefore, whatever seats are being allotted to the constituent parties by NDA, their hopes of victory have increased much more.