Bollywood / Neha Bhasin gym look goes viral giving tough competition to Janhvi Kapoor in boldness

Zoom News : Nov 08, 2022, 07:40 PM
Neha Bhasin Gym Look: In 'Bigg Boss OTT', Bollywood's famous singer Neha Bhasin added more hotness than sports. Neha Bhasin wore so many revealing clothes on national television in this show that many times the audience was also surprised to see her. Even the contestants were seen discussing Neha Bhasin's revealing clothes. After this show, Neha continues to dominate because of her bold clothes more than her singing. But seeing the recent video of Neha Bhasin that has surfaced, you will also say that Neha is beating Jhanvi Kapoor in boldness.

Added a dash of boldness to the gym look

Neha Bhasin is seen mostly in revealing and wearing short clothes in front of the camera. Recently, Neha was caught on paparazzi's camera outside the gym in such an outfit that the fans would be shocked to see her look. Neha was seen wearing so many short and tight shorts which looked bad. Along with this, Neha wore a bralette.

keep slipping shorts

These shorts of Neha Bhasin were so tight that despite this Neha was seen repeatedly sliding her in front of the camera. Not only this, the look of Neha's shorts looked much worse not only from the front but also from the back side. Despite this, Neha did not back down at all from posing in front of the paparazzi.

video going viral

This look of Neha Bhasin is attracting the attention of people on social media. Neha continues to share photos on social media wearing bold dresses. In these photos, Neha Bhasin sometimes wears so much revealing dress that it becomes necessary to take care of privacy while opening the photos.