Bollywood / Singer neha bhasin never want to be a mother, know why

Zoom News : Nov 22, 2022, 10:44 PM
Singer Neha Bhasin: Neha Bhasin is no longer dependent on any introduction in the Bollywood industry. Neha, who has given her voice in many excellent songs, has become even more popular after appearing in Bigg Boss OTT and today her songs are heard on the lips of every child. Recently, Neha had a lot of fun at the 40th birthday bash, after which she revealed many aspects related to her life in an interview. In which he also made some shocking revelations. One of them was that Neha never wanted to become a mother.

have been married for 6 years

Singer Neha Bhasin has been very popular for her singing, by giving a new style to the folk songs of Punjab, she made them famous in every house, while her voice was very popular in some Bollywood hit songs. Talking about personal life, Neha got married 6 years ago but till now she has not become a mother. And recently, when she was asked a question about baby planning in the future, Neha clearly said that she never wants to become a mother, rather she is planning something bigger than this.

This is Neha Bhasin's heart's desire

Actually, Neha does not want to have children of her own, but always wanted to adopt a child, but now she is planning something bigger than that. Actually, Neha wants to open an orphanage in which she wants to take care of at least 10-12 children, educate them and start a new life for them. At the same time, he has also started work in this direction. She is going to work on it in a couple of years. Why is Neha really worthy of praise?