COVID-19 Update / New weapon against corona, antibody to beat variants like delta-alpha ready

Zoom News : Jul 30, 2021, 07:22 AM
Scientists for the prevention of corona virus are day-night one. There are new disclosures every day and there are also different searches. Now, a study has been published in the Embo Journal, the researchers of Max Planck Institute have built such an Andbadi, which is 1000 times more effective against Corona compared to the second Andboud. The 'Alpacas' can be a new weapon against Cornona, made by the blood of the animal name.

New weapon against corona

According to the study, the Nano Body has been built, the cost comes and he can be easily made in a lot. In such a way, the global sple of this antibody can be done to fight Corona. It has been reported that the sick patients can be given antibody in the 'Industrial' manner. In his body, the antibody will work like a drug so that they will be able to recover quickly with their illness. The big thing has also revealed that through this Antbody can be fought against the different variants of Corona.

How to work antibody?

Director of MPI, Director Gorelich says that these antibodies do not just balance but also very effective. It is also effective against Alfa, Son, Gamma, and Delta. At the same time, the director of the UMG Institute, Mathias Dawbalstein said that these Nano Body can be alive for 95 degrees Celsius. In such a situation, their effect will be for a long time.

How was the test?

Talking about Test, three Alpacas was used to develop this antibody. All of them were immunized by the spike protein of Corona virus. After that the antibody generated from them, the sample was collected and then the research was done. Now the claim has been claimed that the antibodies created by them are quite effective against Corona and can also reduce the effect of variants.