Russia-Ukraine War / Now Putin's havoc will break on Pakistan Russia's President Putin can be incensed by this

Vikrant Shekhawat : Sep 01, 2022, 09:57 AM
Russia-Ukraine War: It has been more than 6 months since the Russia-Ukraine war started. It is being said that Ukraine remains in this war against Russia because despite many threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin, countries like Turkey along with some countries of America and Europe have remained helpful to Ukraine. Talking about the ground reality of the war zone, Pakistan has been indirectly entered in this war, so this news cannot be considered good for Pakistan.

Ukraine is raining shells on Russia

Now it is being told that the way Ukraine's guns are blazing fast on Russian soldiers, it has been supplied from Pakistan. The shells made in Pakistan's Armed Factory have been sent to Ukraine by a UK cargo plane. Meanwhile, a video is going viral in social media in which it is seen that Pakistani soldiers are firing cannon balls, Ukrainian soldiers at Russian soldiers.

This is how the theft of Pakistan was caught

In fact, a few weeks ago it was revealed that Pakistan has been sending Made in Pakistan ammunition and weapons to Ukraine with the help of British cargo planes for several months. Now many proofs of this have come to the fore. In fact, knowingly or unknowingly, Ukraine disclosed its weapons on its social media handle, due to which this theft of Pakistan was caught.

Pakistan did a double cross with Russia!

In fact, when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was at its peak, during the beginning of the war, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, in view of the plight of his country, was trying to get cheap crude oil and wheat from Russia. After visiting Russia, read ballads in the glory of Putin. But this latest revelation may shock Pakistan. It is being told that the cannonball seen in the video is 122 mm HE artillery shells of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory.

Continuous movement from Pakistani airbase

In fact, apart from America, Britain is also helping Ukraine with arms and money. It is believed that this time Britain joined Pakistan to help Zelensky. It is believed that Pakistan is making large-scale artillery shells to get a few dollars and pounds from the UK to overcome its pauper.

Pakistan will become a victim of Putin's anger!

Russia has threatened all the countries including America many times which are supporting Ukraine in this fight. After this revelation, it is believed that now Pakistan can become a victim of the anger of Russian President Putin.

The discussion was already there, now the evidence has been found

Earlier it was revealed that Pakistan is part of the supply of weapons to Western countries. Therefore, through the Noor Khan airbase in Rawalpindi city of Pakistan, western countries are delivering weapons to the airport of Romania. During this, a UK airbase has also been used. Before that, General Bajwa, the Chief of the Pakistan Army had gone to Britain. According to reports, the supply of weapons to Ukraine took place between August 6 and August 15, when the British Air Force's Globemaster plane took off from a Pakistani airbase. Cannon shells were sent to the Ukrainian army from this flight.