Rajya Sabha / “Parliament hears the enchantment of ‘Vivadam Vendum’, ‘Nyaya Beku’ as opposition MPs unify.”

Zoom News : Jul 28, 2021, 05:29 PM

Parliament often hears slogans in either English or Hindi, but as of today chanting heard in Rajya Sabha was in Tamil as the entire opposition united together shouted: ‘Vivadam Vendum’, ‘Nyaya Beku’.

“‘We want’, ‘we want Debate’” when the government decided to pass the bill forcefully.

The chanting wasn’t started by any Tamil or Kannada MP but by Punjab Congress, MP Jasbir Singh Gill led the slogan among protesting opposition. Accompanied by Trinamool Congress MPs who were protesting in Bengali by chanting ‘Hela Khobe’ (game on).

Tamil and Kannada became the language of unity in Parliament when opposition MPs from different parties raised slogans against the ruling BJP. in protest against BJP trying to forcibly pass Bills in the Upper House. The language was no more the barrier but the weapon in the House. On July 28, Kannada helped unify opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha with many opposition MPs chanting ‘Beku Beku Nyaya Beku’ or we want justice as the Deputy Chairperson spoke. The MPs were protesting and chanting for an explanation regarding the  Pegasus spyware snooping scandal by the BJP & Farm laws.

Since the Monsoon session of Parliament started on 19th July, the opposition parties in Rajya Sabha, as well as Lok Sabha, have been raising several issues which include, The Farm Bills, Farmers Protest, Rise in diesel and petrol prices, Rise in Gas Cylinder Price, The Rafale Deal and the Pegasus snooping scandal.

Many High Profile personalities of the Ruling Party(Bhartiya Janta Party) were held accountable for using an Israeli Spyware called Pegasus, according to the report of 13 media houses around the globe and Amnesty International.

Pegasus helps in hacking the device, it was built by NSO Group.

The NSO Group has claimed that they sell the spyware only to Government, following the claim the ruling party of India was accused of spying on their civilians.