Mumbai / Paytm Scam: CEO Vijay Shekhar urge Customers to not fall prey to Scam SMS Saying 'Blocking Account'

Latestly : Nov 21, 2019, 12:29 PM
Mumbai: On Wednesday evening, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma took to social media to urge customers to not fall prey to any of the scam messages and emails from fraudsters pretending from the company. His tweet read, “Pls (please) don’t trust any SMS sent on blocking your Paytm account or suggestion to do a KYC. These are fraudsters trying to get your account to steal money."

In another tweet, Sharma shared a picture of an SMS sent by fraudsters to several Paytm customers which read: 'We will hold your Paytm amount after some time-…complete your Paytm KYC,’ along with a phone number. 

Check Vijay Shekhar's tweet:

Recently a tweet of journalist Rubika Liyaquat went viral after she posted about her personal experience regarding a Paytm fraud. Her tweet read, "I got a message and then a call from 9851498982, the man from the other side asked me to download an app. for KYC, when I questioned him and refused to do so he abused and disconnected. Paytm, I am worried about those who must have downloaded the app.'

Check Rubika's tweet here:

There has been a tremendous rise in online frauds taking place and cheaters have been innovating different strategies to dupe innocent people. From ATM card frauds to uploading fake phone number on Google and prompting people to click on to fraudulent links, fraudsters are always a step ahead of us. So stay careful and alert whenever dealing with any kind of online transactions.