Petrol Diesel Price / Petrol and diesel prices again expensive, oil prices rise 9 times in 16 days in May

Zoom News : May 16, 2021, 11:33 AM
Once again in the country, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased. On Sunday in the capital Delhi, there has been 24 paise on a liter petrol and 27 paise on diesel. After this, the price of a liter petrol has reached Rs 92.58 and the price of diesel reached Rs 83.22. In 16 days of May this 9th time, when the prices of petrol and diesel have been extended.

Earlier, there was no change in the prices of petrol-diesel on Saturday. The last time Friday (May 14) had increased oil prices. On that day, the price of a liter petrol in the capital was Rs 92.24 and diesel was Rs 82.95.

Oil prices in four big cities in the country

City petrol (per liter) diesel (per liter)

Delhi Rs 92.58 Rs 83.22

Mumbai Rs 98.88 Rs 90.40

Chennai Rs 94.31 Rs 88.07

Kolkata Rs 92.67 Rs 86.06

Since the election results continues to increase the prices of petrol-diesel. On February 26, the Election Commission had announced the dates of the assembly elections of five states. Since then there was no increase in prices of petrol and diesel between May 2. Inverted prices had declined. But after May 2, oil prices began to increase since May 4 after the election results. Since then, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased so far.

On 5th May last year, the Central Government increased 10 rupees on petrol and 13 rupees excise duty on diesel. On that day, a liter petrol was Rs 71.26 in Delhi and diesel was Rs 69.39. Since then, petrol has been more expensive than 21 rupees and diesel 13 rupees.