Karnataka CM / Political battle for CM post again in Karnataka, this time not two but four contenders

Zoom News : Nov 03, 2023, 07:30 PM
Karnataka CM: The tussle over the post of CM has started once again in Karnataka Congress. The problem is that not only DK Shivakumar but also Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge's son Priyank Kharge and Minister Parameshwara are eyeing Siddaramaiah's chair. All the leaders are talking about leaving the decision to the high command, but in the statements of them and their supporters, their desire to occupy the chair of Karnataka CM is visible.

Everything is not going well internally in Karnataka Congress. On Thursday, CM Siddaramaiah himself made it public. He openly stated that he will remain CM not for two and a half but for full five years. His statement came at a time when a section of the ruling Congress is claiming change of leadership in the state after two and a half years. The interesting thing is that DK Shivakumar is not the only one in the race to become CM. In fact, ministers Priyank Kharge and G Parameshwara are also included. Priyank Kharge has clearly said that if the high command gives him the responsibility, he is ready to become the CM.

Why is there a war on the post of CM?

At the time of Karnataka elections, Congress had not declared anyone as the CM face. In such a situation, both Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar worked hard in the elections and Congress also formed the government in the state. Even after the victory, both the leaders were considering themselves as CMs, but left the decision to the high command only. At one time, it seemed that the Congress might choose a third face to end the rift between these two big leaders of the Karnataka Congress. The names of G Parameshwara and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge also came up, but on May 20, Suddenly Siddaramaiah was sworn in and DK Shivakumar was convinced for the post of Deputy CM. It is said that behind this agreement there was a formula of two and a half years, it was decided that Siddaramaiah would remain the CM for two and a half years and then hand over the chair to DK Shivkumar. Now this formula is being considered to be the biggest reason behind the war that broke out for the post of CM.

Dikashivkumar, Priyank Kharge and G Parameshwar are contenders.

The row over the post of CM in Congress started after the claim of Mandya MLA Ravikumar Gaur, in which he had said that after the completion of two and a half years of the current government, Deputy CM DK Shivakumar will be made the CM of the state. Only after this statement there was an earthquake in the politics of the state. First of all, Siddaramaiah claimed to have completed five years as CM, then Home Minister Parameshwara called a meeting at his home. Apart from this, other claimants including Minister Priyank Kharge also became active. Priyank Kharge directly expressed his desire to become CM and declared that he is ready if the high command gives him the responsibility.

These leaders are also in the race for CM post

Not only Shivkumar, Priyank Kharge and G Parameshwara are contenders for the post of CM, but other leaders have also dreamed of becoming CM. The name of Minister RB Thimmapura is also included in this list, when in a program on Thursday he was asked about G Parameshwara regarding Dalit CM, he also openly expressed his desire to become the CM. RB Thimmapura said why should I not become CM? However, he later defended his statement and said that we all want to become CM. Apart from this, the name of Minister KN Rajanna is also included. However, after his name surfaced in the race, Rajanna said that becoming a minister is enough for him. After Siddaramaiah, only Parameshwara will become the CM.

BJP took a dig, Shivkumar replied

Amidst the ongoing dispute over the post of CM in Karnataka, BJP has targeted Congress. Former CM BS Yediyurappa said that the ongoing internal conflict between the CM and Deputy CM in the state is getting worse. He also accused the government of corruption. However, Deputy CM DK Shivakumar countered his statement. He said that the dissatisfaction is not in our party but in the BJP, which is why even after five-six months of forming the government, the BJP has not yet been able to elect the leader of the opposition.