Himachal Pradesh Politics / Priyanka Gandhi herself took command in Himachal, this is how she saved Sukhu government

Zoom News : Mar 01, 2024, 09:30 AM
Himachal Pradesh Politics: General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi played a big role in averting the deepening political crisis facing Congress in Himachal Pradesh. To save the Sukhu government, Priyanka Gandhi herself took command and talked directly to the Virbhadra family. Priyanka also remained in constant touch with the observers and decided that the government should not face any crisis in any way.

The crisis of the Congress government of Himachal Pradesh seems to be averted for the time being. Infighting between the government and the organization came to light after cross voting of 6 MLAs in the Rajya Sabha elections. After the resignation of Vikramaditya Singh, it was considered certain that the Sukhu government would no longer exist, however, the Congress high command showed proactivity and made every possible effort to avert the crisis that befell the government.

Trying to save the government at any cost

After the crisis in Himachal Congress, the Congress high command became active. Himachal in-charge Rajeev Shukla, Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge became active. It was decided that the government would be saved at any cost. The high command also decided that if the CM had to be changed to save the government, then he should be changed. Mallikarjun Kharge talked to Rahul Gandhi and approved it. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi became active and talked to Kharge and took charge of ensuring that the group of rebel MLAs should not be associated with the Virbhadra family in any way.

Talked to Virbhadra family

According to Congress sources, Priyanka Gandhi spoke to Vikramaditya and Pratibha Singh on phone and citing old relationships, explained that if you are angry with the Chief Minister, then fight your battle, express your views. Your views will be heard. The problem will be resolved. Just do not think of leaving the party or toppling the government, because Vikramaditya is the future of Congress in Himachal. After being satisfied, Priyanka briefed Kharge and Kharge gave instructions to the observers including DK Shivkumar in this regard. Meanwhile, Priyanka kept in constant touch with in-charge Rajeev Shukla, kept getting information about the situation and kept giving instructions whenever needed.

Virbhadra family was adamant on removing Sukhu

Virbhadra family was adamant on removing Sukhu from the post of CM. In such a situation, Priyanka explained to him that changing the CM immediately will not send a good message. Congress will be seen on the backfoot. Therefore, for the time being, Vikramaditya will be given a free hand and a coordination committee will be formed between the government and the organization. Will definitely take Sukhu with us. Priyanka assured that for now let Sukhu remain the CM. It is important for the image of the party. He also assured that there will be a change in the circumstances in the next few days. If this does not happen then we have no hesitation in changing the CM in future.

Bargaining power of Virbhadra family decreased

Speaker canceled the membership of 6 MLAs on the basis of cross voting in Rajya Sabha and not supporting the MLAs in the budget. Actually, whip is not issued in Rajya Sabha voting, hence cancellation of membership on that basis alone might not stand in the court, but due to this move the bargaining power of Virbhadra family was reduced.