Lok Sabha Election / Priyanka Gandhi targeted PM Modi, said - Prime Minister has deviated from public issues

Zoom News : Apr 14, 2024, 06:10 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that Prime Minister Modi has lost touch with the people of the country and their issues. While addressing an election meeting in Jalore, Priyanka Gandhi said that nowadays a strange atmosphere has been created at the time of elections. All kinds of things are happening to distract your attention. Big promotions are taking place, strange nonsense is being said. He said, “Prime Minister Moji sometimes shows his false bravery and sometimes boasts. Let's talk about meat and fish. Sometimes they fly in the air and sometimes they go under the sea. What do these things mean to your life?

Priyanka Gandhi targeted the Center

Priyanka said what is your biggest problem, inflation. I think something has happened to Modi ji. Can't understand. What happens is that sometimes people become so intoxicated with power that they do not tell the truth. He said, “Man gets surrounded. No matter what one's experience may be, when one is intoxicated with power, people get scared, officials get scared, those who work with them are scared of not revealing the truth. That's why a person gets cut off from the public. I really feel that Modi ji has become disconnected from the people of the country and their issues.'' He said that your problems are simply inflation and unemployment, which are the biggest problems.

Priyanka Inflation has been increasing in the last 10 years

Priyanka Gandhi said that inflation has increased in the last 10 years and today the country is seeing the highest unemployment in 45 years. Thanks to whom? Priyanka said, "When events like G20 summit are held in India, we feel proud but the other reality is inflation, unemployment." He said that their (BJP) intentions are not right. Their policies are only for big billionaires. Priyanka alleged that BJP is not fighting against corruption. Her claims are hollow, she only wants to silence the opposition.