William Burns / Putin should not be under the illusion that he will defeat Ukraine –Director of US intelligence agency

Vikrant Shekhawat : Feb 27, 2023, 09:17 AM
Russia Ukraine Conflict: The war between Russia and Ukraine has completed one year. There is news that Russian President Putin may launch a bigger attack on Ukraine. The US intelligence agency CIA has targeted the Russian President's 'overconfidence' as the war enters its second year. CIA Director William Burns said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is being "overconfident" that his military has the ability to bend Ukraine.

Burns said in a televised interview that the head of Russia's intelligence services displayed "arrogance and arrogance" at their meeting in November, which also showed Putin's belief that he "can bend Ukraine, He can wipe out our European allies. “I think Putin is overconfident right now in his ability to bend Ukraine,” he told CBS in an interview published Sunday.

Russia may launch a major attack on Ukraine

Actually, one year of the war between Russia and Ukraine has been completed and this war has entered the second year. But despite this, the war continues and victory is not in sight for any side. In the midst of all this, the US had recently warned that Russia could carry out more major attacks on Ukraine in the coming times. A US defense official made a big disclosure and said that Russian warplanes and helicopters have been prepared for a dangerous attack on Ukraine. Just waiting for Russian President Putin's order.

Putin can make a big attack to avoid humiliation!

US General Sir Richard Barrons said Russia has been too slow to learn from its mistakes in Ukraine. Although he has changed his attitude towards the power of his air force. The general said that so far both sides have suffered heavy losses in the year-long war. But Russian President Putin may be forced to rethink the attack to avoid repeated humiliation.