Bharat Jodo Yatra / Rahul Gandhi will reach Rajasthan by crossing the MP border today

Zoom News : Dec 04, 2022, 09:01 AM
Rahul Gandhi will walk more in Rajasthan than the Bharat Jodo Yatra that has taken place across the country so far. We are saying this because the distance of Rahul Gandhi's daily journey has increased in the last few years. Rahul Gandhi till now where on an average he was traveling 25 to 30 kilometers daily. At the same time, now on an average 35 kilometers will run in Rajasthan. During the journey in Rajasthan, there are some days where you will travel 40 to 50 kms in a day.

Bharat Jodo Yatra will cross the border of Madhya Pradesh and reach Rajasthan today. In Rajasthan, the yatra will begin from Jhalawar, a district dominated by former chief minister Vasundhara Raje. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people due to Rahul coming here. Local people say that national level leaders of Congress rarely come to this district.

Total 520 kms. Travel

Before Rahul Gandhi's entry in Rajasthan, we saw the route of Rahul Gandhi and his walking distance, then it came to know that Rahul Gandhi will cover a distance of 520 kilometers in Rajasthan in 18 days. Out of these 18 days, 1 day is the day of Rahul's entry in Rajasthan and 2 days will be for the break of the journey. Means Rahul Gandhi will run for 15 out of 18 days. In these 15 days, Rahul Gandhi will cover a distance of 493 kilometers in Rajasthan. Of these, on the last 15th day, after traveling 8 kilometers in Rajasthan, the yatra will go to Haryana.

After entering Rajasthan on December 4, Rahul Gandhi will spend the night at the Rajasthan-MP border. From here the next day on December 5, he will start the journey. On the first day, Rahul Gandhi will walk 34.2 kms. In the next 14 days, Rahul Gandhi will cover a distance of 485 kms. According to this, on an average, a day's journey will be 34.64 kilometers. On the last day, on the morning of December 21, they will enter Haryana by walking 8 kilometers.

Maximum 49.6 km will run on 11 December

In Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi will walk maximum in a day on 11th December, 49.6 kms. On this day, the yatra will start from Bajdali gate in Keshavraipatan assembly and will travel till Azad Nagar in Bombay. Apart from this, there will be a journey of 42.2 kms on 6th December and 43.9 kms on 19th December. These 3 days will be such that Rahul will walk more than 40 kms.

Rahul Gandhi's journey in Rajasthan will start from the BJP stronghold of Rajasthan. The yatra will enter Rajasthan from Jhalawar district. After entering Rajasthan from Jhalrapatan assembly seat here, the yatra will enter Kota district. From here the yatra will enter Haryana via Bundi, some part Tonk, Sawai Madhopur, Dausa and then Alwar district. Please inform that Jhalrapatan is the seat of former CM Vasundhara Raje.

Congress did not win even a single seat in Jhalawar.

Jhalawar is such a district in Rajasthan, where there is no Congress or independent on a single seat. Despite the Congress government in the state, BJP is in possession of all the four seats in this district. Here from Jhalrapatan seat where Vasundhara Raje herself is the MLA. Whereas, BJP's Kaluram from Dag, Narendra Nagar from Khanpur and BJP's Govind Prasad from Manoharthana are MLAs.

Congress did not win in Jhalrapatan from 4 elections

In Jhalawar, the yatra will pass through Jhalrapatan seat only. This is the seat where the Congress has not won since 1998. Former CM Vasundhara Raje is winning elections from here for 4 consecutive times. In the last election also, Raje had won the election by around 35,000 votes. Similarly, Kaluram won on Dug seat by around 20 thousand votes and Govind Prasad from Manohar police station by around 22 thousand votes. The victory margin of Narendra Nagar from Khanpur alone was 2266.

Congress hopes to be established by traveling in Jhalawar

Even if the journey is going out from Jhalawar according to the fixed route. But the Congress is seeing it as a journey for itself as well as a political opportunity. Congress is strengthening itself on the pretext of traveling in Jhalawar. In 2017, Sachin Pilot traveled 100 kilometers from Baran to Jhalawar. Apart from this, this area is untouched by Congress leaders, while former CM Vasundhara Raje has traveled here twice.

Local leaders and people of Jhalawar say that Congress does not pay any attention to Jhalawar. Not even prominent Congress leaders come here. For the first time a national level Congress leader is coming here.

People say that CM Ashok Gehlot has not yet come to Jhalawar after campaigning in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. People say that leaders come to Jhalawar only during elections. In such a situation, passing of Rahul from here can give new energy to Congress.

BJP ruled 5 out of 6 assembly seats in this area

Rahul's yatra will pass through the 18 assembly seats in Rajasthan. Of them, the Congress is in 12, while the BJP is in 6 seats. The special thing is that out of the six assembly seats that Rahul will pass through as soon as he enters Rajasthan, BJP is in 5 out of them.

After Jhalrapatan, Rahul will proceed via Ramganj Mandi, Ladpura, Kota Dakshin, Kota Uttar and Keshavraipatan. Out of these 6, leaving only Kota North, BJP is in possession of all five seats. UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal is the MLA only from Kota North.

Enthusiasm due to Rahul's arrival among the people, Congress will be strong

People in Jhalawar and Kota areas are excited about the arrival of Rahul Gandhi. No member from the Gandhi family has ever come here.

In such a situation, political experts believe that passing through these areas of Rahul Gandhi's yatra will strengthen the Congress. Along with the success of the yatra, the Congress is also seeing it as its political opportunity.