Lok Sabha Election / Ram temple was a political weapon for the opposition, it also spewed venom on Sanatan - PM Modi

Zoom News : Apr 15, 2024, 05:50 PM
Lok Sabha Election: The campaign for Lok Sabha elections is at its peak. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also holding rapid rallies and public meetings. Along with this, he is also conveying his issues and development works to the public through interviews. PM Modi will answer in detail all the important questions related to the country in his new interview today at 5:30 pm. PM Modi has given this interview to news agency ANI, in which he has fiercely cornered Congress and other opposition parties on issues ranging from Ram Mandir to Sanatan, Central Investigation Agency.

When PM Modi was asked that DMK leaders in Tamil Nadu have given many statements on Sanatan. On this, PM Modi said that DMK was born only to give hate statements. There is tremendous anger among the people against DMK and that anger is being diverted towards BJP. Congress should ask DMK what is its compulsion that spews so much venom against Sanatan.

Ram temple was a political weapon for the opposition

At the same time, when Prime Minister Modi was asked the question that the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha program should not have been politicized but it happened, what would he like to say on this? In response to this question, PM Modi said that this was a political weapon for them (Congress). Now what happened, Ram temple was built. PM Modi was also asked questions about his role in stopping the Russia-Ukraine war.

What did the Prime Minister say about the Russia-Ukraine war?

In response to this question, PM Modi said that I have had very friendly relations with both the Presidents. I said that so many people of India, our youth are stranded, I need your help. At the same time, when the Prime Minister was asked whether the decision on electoral bonds was wrong? The opposition says that BJP dominates all these agencies like ED-CBI-IT. They even add the Election Commission into it. PM Modi also answered this question very well. Let us tell you that the complete interview of PM Modi will be telecast at 5.30 pm.