Relationship / Reasons why people do not want to have sex

Zoom News : Jun 03, 2021, 10:22 PM
Relationship | It is not necessary that people feel like having sex all the time. There are many situations when people do not feel like having a physical relationship. Mostly it all depends on the mood of the people. If people's mood is to have sex, then they make sex, but sometimes people are not in the mood to have sex. If this is happening to you again and again then it can be harmful to your relationship.

Many times it has also been seen that when one partner has the mood to have sex but the other partner does not feel like it. In such a situation, one partner has to be depressed, because for a better sex, both of them should have a mood to have sex. If it doesn't happen, then one must be disappointed. On the other hand, there are many people who do not think at all. People start doubting themselves. Sometimes when the partner is not in the mood to have sex, then the other partner starts thinking that maybe there is something wrong with me. But you should not think about all this. Today we will tell you some such reasons due to which the mood for sex is not created.

Mood is not created due to tension

In today's time, in this run-of-the-mill life, people are getting more tension. People are always in tension regarding their work or their lifestyle. But this tension can spoil your sex life. Due to excessive work in the office, people start taking tension or there are many reasons for taking tension. Due to financial condition also people start taking tension. Taking tension becomes a part of our lifestyle. But taking tension creates many problems.

Sex related problems also arise due to tension. The big problem that arises from taking tension is that the desire for sex starts decreasing in people. Which has a complete impact on your relationship. Therefore, tension is a big reason, due to which the mood for sex is not created.

after becoming a parent

It has been seen in many cases that when people become parents, many changes take place in such a situation. When this happens, the sex relationship is also affected. This happens especially with women. After becoming a mother, women do not feel in the mood to have sex for a long time. In such a situation, even if men ask them to have sex, then women refuse to have sex with them. Many women's hormones also change after becoming a mother. This is also a reason why women do not feel like having sex during that time.

In today's time, people take many types of medicines to increase sex power. For some time such medicines are beneficial, but after a short time the side effects of some medicines are very bad. Which eliminates the urge to have sex. Such medicines should not be taken which have more side effects. At the same time, many women also take many types of medicines to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Taking these medicines also reduces the desire to have sex.

Even when the attraction is low, the desire to have sex decreases. Many times it has been seen that in the initial relationship, people have more attraction towards their partner but after some time this attraction starts decreasing. There can be many reasons for the decrease in attractiveness. In such a situation, the desire to have sex also decreases.