Rajasthan Election / Sachin Pilot's reply on contesting elections from Tonk and indiscipline in Congress?

Zoom News : Sep 20, 2023, 07:15 PM
Rajasthan Election: Sachin Pilot visited Tonk district of Rajasthan today. During this, Congress leader Sachin Pilot gave a statement on the issue of indiscipline in the party. The pilot said that the AICC will give clarifications and questions and answers on this subject. Because the notice was issued by AICC a year ago. AICC will answer what action was taken or not.

Also spoke on CWC meeting held in Hyderabad

During the Tonk tour, Sachin Pilot said on the CWC meeting held in Hyderabad that positive discussions were held in an open environment for two days. Wherever there are elections in the next months, we will fight unitedly there. Congress will form government in all three-four states. After the 2023 assembly elections, India Alliance will win the elections by defeating the NDA in the Lok Sabha elections.

"What was the need to amend the Women's Reservation Bill?"

Also attacking the Central Government regarding the Women's Reservation Bill, Pilot said that what was the need to amend this bill? When our government passed it in the Rajya Sabha, there was no need for amendment in it. Now this will also be implemented in 2026. First there will be survey, then delimitation, then the bill will be implemented.

Sharp attack on BJP's tours

During this, Congress MLA Sachin Pilot said that BJP completely failed in opposition in Rajasthan and the public will see the report card of 9 years of BJP government at the Center and the report card of our government. On BJP's yatras, Sachin Pilot said that BJP keeps taking out yatras but there is no trust in the regional leaders here. That's why Delhi leaders are doing it. In the end the people formed the Congress government.

Pilot said on contesting elections from Tonk

On contesting elections from Tonk, Sachin Pilot said that AICC takes the final decision in our party. Who will contest elections from where and what responsibility will he fulfill? I think the first list will come soon. The first list will come in the month of October. Last time I had contested elections from Tonk and people had registered my victory with historic votes. Today I have appealed to the voters that there should be more victory this time than last time. My heart says that the victory of Congress party from here will be more than last time. I will get the blessings of the public if I win with more votes than last time.