Special / Second Chance Couple Posts Selfie After Surviving Plane Crash Internet Divided

Zoom News : Nov 23, 2022, 03:44 PM
Dangerous Plane Accident in the World: A LATAM Airlines plane caught fire on Friday after colliding with a fire truck on the runway at the airport in Peru's capital Lima. It is a matter of pride that all 120 passengers, including the crew members of the plane, narrowly survived the devastating accident. However, the accident claimed the lives of two firefighters, who lost their lives to two firefighters standing on the runway.

Shortly after this accident, a couple managed to get out of the plane and they didn't even get a scratch. After that they took selfies with that damaged plane. The name of the man seen in the selfie with his wife is Enrique Versi-Rospigliosi and he managed to escape safely from the plane. In the photo, he is seen smiling and fire extinguishing chemical is visible on his face and clothes, which suggests that he narrowly survived the accident. Behind them is seen the LATAM aircraft which is partially burnt and can be seen lying on the ground on the right wing. In the caption of this picture, he wrote, 'When life gives you another chance'.

A Facebook page named A320 Systems has also shared this photo. The caption was given in it, 'Selfie of the year, thank God he is fine.' This picture has gone viral on the internet and some people are celebrating his safe survival in the plane crash. While some people are criticizing this couple. He says that the couple documented the tragedy, in which two people died. One user wrote - It is so strange that people are taking selfies after surviving the tragedy. I will do the same. Another user wrote - In those moments of tragedy, those who give up their lives just want to share the miracle of being alive.