Lok Sabha Election / Shah targets the opposition and PM Modi enumerates his work - Is the target of 370 seats set?

Zoom News : Feb 18, 2024, 06:40 PM
Lok Sabha Election: In the national convention of BJP in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union Home Minister gave the mantra of victory to the workers for the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Told the strategy of BJP's target of crossing the 370 seat mark in the Lok Sabha elections and NDA's target of reaching 400 seats. Describing the next 100 days as important, PM Modi called upon BJP workers to mobilize with full energy and strength.

In the national convention of BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the achievements of his government in the last 10 years. Talked about Ram temple in Ayodhya, abolition of Article 370, dreams of making a developed India, culture and tradition through women power. At the same time, Union Home Minister Amit Shah fiercely targeted the opposition in his speech. He termed India Alliance as an alliance of nepotism, selfishness and corruption.

In this way, BJP has set the target of achieving 370, the biggest target of Lok Sabha elections so far. On one hand, BJP is making the achievements, development and trust of the Modi government an issue in the last 10 years, while on the other hand, it has prepared to contest the elections by making the corruption and nepotism of the opposition leaders an issue.

Target to reach 370 seats

Let us tell you that after securing majority with 282 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP is continuously increasing its lead. In the 2019 elections, it took a lead of 21 seats to 303 seats. It is noteworthy here that BJP had contested elections on 428 seats in 2014 and won 282 seats. In the year 2019, 303 out of 436 seats were won. This time, to achieve Modi's target of 370 seats, BJP will have to win 67 more seats. To win these seats, PM Modi and Amit Shah made a roadmap in the party convention. He called upon the BJP workers to work wholeheartedly for the next 100 days.

Achievements of the government and work of PM Modi

The Prime Minister said that ‘Developed India Resolution’ is a dream. The next five years will be very important in achieving that dream. He said, “We have to work hard to make big leaps at this time.” Taking a dig at the opposition, the Prime Minister said that it took 60 years for the country to reach Rs 1 trillion economy, but in just ten years we added Rs 2 trillion to the economy.

He said that when India becomes a five trillion economy, the lifestyle of every citizen will change. He said, all political parties are afraid of fulfilling this one promise of developed India, they say only BJP can do this. We received 15 lakh views from the public on Developed India and half of them were from people below 35 years of age.

He said, “We have the courage to complete the tasks that have been pending for decades. Be it the construction of Ram Temple, the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor, the abrogation of Article 370, or the implementation of the new education policy, the people of India were waiting for these changes for a long time. ,

Targeting the opposition, making nepotism and corruption an issue

Attacking the opposition, the Home Minister said, “Alliances are not formed like this. Like-minded groups come together to form alliances. India Alliance was formed under the leadership of Congress. Everyone in this alliance is corrupt. In this country, Congress is the father of corruption and Congress has sponsored corruption. Look at the 10 years of UPA government, there has been 2G corruption, INX media corruption, Saradha corruption, apple distribution corruption in Himachal, jobs-for-land corruption, Bofors corruption.”

He said, “Many people are saying that India alliance is a big challenge for us. For me, Bharat Alliance is an alliance of seven dynastic parties. Those who cannot create democracy in their own party, how will they protect the democracy of the country? On one side is Modiji's developmental alliance, on the other side is Rahul Gandhi's dynastic alliance. I believe that people will take the right decision. “The public will choose the Bharatiya Janata Party.”

On one hand, PM Modi and Amit Shah praised the achievements of the government. On the other hand, compared the NDA government and the UPA government. Accusing the politics of patriarchy, Amit Shah said, "Where Modi ji has set the goal of self-reliant India and has made a roadmap till 2047, Sonia ji's goal is to make her son the Prime Minister, Sharad Pawar's goal is to make his daughter the Prime Minister." have to make. Chief Minister, Mamtadi's aim is to make her nephew the Chief Minister, Stalin's aim is to make his son the Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray's aim is to make his son the Chief Minister, Laluji's aim is to make his son the Chief Minister and Mulayamji's aim is to make his son the Chief Minister. .