Amit Shah Rally / Shah's allegation on Gehlot - NIA arrested Kanhaiyalal's culprit - then see what CM Gehlot did.

Zoom News : Jun 30, 2023, 06:27 PM
Amit Shah Rally: Union Home Minister Amit Shah while addressing a rally in Udaipur, Rajasthan has fiercely attacked the Congress. He said that Rahul Gandhi goes abroad and does bad things for India. If the Congress continues on this path, then like the North East, the Congress will be wiped out from the whole country. Apart from this, Shah has also made a big allegation against the Rajasthan government regarding the Kanhaiyalal case. But CM Gehlot also did not take any time to answer this.

Shah said that Ashok Gehlot's government has developed dynasty and casteism in the state. The government has done the work of creating an orgy of violence in the state by doing politics of appeasement. This is the reason why the people of the state are lamenting today. PM Modi has taken the country forward on the path of progress through his better policies. Our ideology has made this country safe.

He said, PM Modi has done the work of getting respect in the world by becoming the brand ambassador of India, India's knowledge and Indianness. The central government has kept the border area in its first priority. The security of the border of our country is the security of the nation, so the government is continuously working to increase the infrastructure on the border.

Big allegation on Gehlot government regarding the murder of Kanhaiyalal

While attacking the Gehlot government regarding the Kanhaiyalal case, Shah said that this government did not even want to arrest the accused, did not even provide security, the NIA caught the accused. I say on the injury of Danke, the charge sheet has been filed on 22 December 2022. The Rajasthan government did not set up a special court taking the High Court into confidence, otherwise the culprits of Kanhaiyalal would have been hanged.

CM Gehlot replied to Amit Shah's allegations

Responding to Amit Shah's allegations, CM Gehlot has responded on his Twitter account. CM Ashok Gehlot wrote- It is expected that people sitting in responsible positions will not do politics on a serious issue like terrorism, but what Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah did in Udaipur today is an irresponsible act. Mr. Amit Shah lied in Udaipur that Mr. Kanhaiyalal's killers Riyaz Attari and Ghaus Mohammed were caught by NIA whereas the truth is that they were caught by Rajasthan Police in just four hours of the incident. This tragic incident took place on 28 June 2022 while the file of this case was transferred to NIA on 2 July 2022. Shri Amit Shah would probably be aware that both these murderers were active BJP workers. They should get an inquiry done that who were the BJP leaders who helped these two, who used to call the police stations for them. In an open and shut case, why did it take so long for the charge sheet to be filed and why have they not been punished yet?

'Today no one can look at us by raising their eyes'

Shah said, in today's time, neither anyone can raise their eyes towards us nor can they take an inch of our land. Our ideology has made the country safe. Let us inform that many other big leaders including former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia and State BJP President CP Joshi also participated in this rally.

Surrounding the Congress on the issue of security, Shah said, in today's time, neither can anyone look at us with an eye, nor can they take an inch of our land. Our ideology has made the country safe. 86 lakh toilets were built in Rajasthan. About five and a half lakh connections were given under the Ujjwala scheme. After 75 years of independence, Draupadi Murmu, a woman from a tribal and poor household, has increased the country's prestige by making her Her Excellency.

Attack on Manmohan government through Pakistan

The Home Minister said, Modi ji's nine years are nine years of poor welfare. These nine years belong to the victory of India. PM Modi recently went on a foreign tour. Everyone saw the respect he got there. This is the respect of the PM as well as the respect of the 130 crore people of India. The government has achieved a new dimension in every field. When Sonia-Manmohan's government was there, terrorists used to enter from Pakistan every day and used to carry out blasts in India.

He said, Pakistan made a mistake in Pulwama, then in just 10 days, revenge was taken by entering his house. Congress, SP, Mamta, JDU, all used to gather together and create ruckus. And Rahul Baba used to say don't remove Article 370 otherwise rivers of blood will flow. Hey Baba, leave the rivers of blood, no one has shown the courage to throw even a pebble.