PM Modi In UAE / Sheikh Mohammed played a big role in the construction of the temple, my wish was fulfilled - PM Modi

Zoom News : Feb 14, 2024, 10:23 PM
PM Modi In UAE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) temple in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. This is the first Hindu temple in the Gulf country. PM Modi said the inauguration of the temple is an important moment for the Hindu community in the Gulf country and India-UAE bilateral relations. This temple is built on 27 acres of land.

PM Modi said that we consider diversity as our specialty. This idea gives confidence in the face of global conflicts and challenges today. Faith in diversity will be visible at every step in this temple. PM Modi said that wherever we go, we respect and assimilate the values of that place. He said that UAE has given land to build a hospital for Indian workers. He said that the entire earth is our family. India is making efforts for world peace with this idea.

PM Modi said that I feel proud that I am a priest of Mother India. Whatever time God has given me. The body given by God. Every particle of it is only for Mother India. 140 crore countrymen are my worshipable gods. Our immense joy in Ayodhya was further enhanced by the wave of happiness we experienced in Abu Dhabi. I am fortunate to have witnessed the grand Ram temple first in Ayodhya and now in Abu Dhabi. We do not see animosity in diversity.

PM Modi said that this is not just a place of worship. This is the heritage of humanity. It is a symbol of mutual love between the people of India and Arabia. It also has a spiritual reflection of India-UAE relations.

PM Modi said that the friendship between India and UAE is seen as an example of mutual trust and cooperation. Over the years our relations have achieved a new height. India does not see its relations only in the present context. For us, the roots of relationships are thousands of years old. Hundreds of years ago, the Arab world played the role of a bridge in trade between India and Europe.

PM Modi said that the temple also welcomed spring for humanity and for the future. The temple will become a symbol of communal harmony and global unity for the entire world. The entire government of UAE wholeheartedly fulfilled the wishes of crores of Indians. Has won the hearts of 140 crore Indians. I have been involved in the entire journey of the temple from its idea to its realization. My greatest good fortune. PM Modi said that the number of people coming to UAE will also increase